Download Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) APK + OBB Data For Android

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) is a very popular action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It's so widely known and played globally that it's now the second-best-selling Xbox 360 video game (17.79 million copies sold). Before now, the game was only available on Consoles, Playstation 3, and 4 including Microsoft Windows but now it's available for Android users to enjoy and have fun.
GTA V apk
GTA developers has released a new edition of Grand Theft Auto called GTA V, (Visa 2) for Android devices and we will show you how to download the game and install on your device. Similar with other editions of the game GTA 5, comes with different weapons to choose from. Though you get some of these ammunition after completing some missions or task on the game.

Looking for a tough, demanding, addictive and adventure game to play on your Android phone or tablet, then Grand Theft Auto V is definitely one of them. One of its key features is the full HD display that translates to beautiful graphics, actions, stealing of cars, armours etc. Also, you can get and apply GTA V, Visa 2 cheats to get more weapons without stress for a wonderful gaming experience.

Additionally, players of this game can participate in Ninja actions by exploring streets, taking part in gun fights with gangsters and police with the help of different types of weapons, committing robberies, breaking traffic rules, use of helicopters, sports cars and other machineries. Anyway before moving further, let me pass this information across.

NOTE: This is just a computer game that is played on Android devices for fun. The content and words used in this posts are just for gaming purposes and should not by any means used in real life. We don't support wars or violent actions. It's just a game.


1. Wide Range of Weapons: In this game, you can opt from different weapons; guns, machine guns, knives, sword, chainsaw etc.

2. Big City: One thing I have always admired about GTA games is the large view (cities) when playing this game. You get to different environments with different lifestyle making this game more fun

3. Different Types of Vehicles: You get to use different types of cars like Sport cars, Super bike, Police cars, SUV, Helicopters etc.

4. Handy System of controls: Controls are now redesigned for smooth experience.


✔ Name: Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)
✔ Developer(s): Rockstar North
✔ Publisher(s): Rockstar Games
✔️ Distributor(s) :Take-Two Interactive
✔ Producer(s): Leslie Benzies, Imran Sarwar
✔️ Designer(s): Leslie Benzies, Imran Sarwar
✔️ Programmer(s): Adam Fowler,
✔️ Artist(s): Aaron Garbut
✔️ Writer(s): Dan Houser, Rupert Humphries
✔️ Composer(s): Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson
✔️ Genre(s): Action-adventure, third-person shooter
✔️ Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer
Series Grand Theft Auto
✔️ Platform(s) : PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox, Windows, Android


✔ Android Phone with at least 1GB RAM, 5GB free space in SDcard
✔ Android v4.0 Kitkat and above

GTA V Helicopter

✔ First, download Grand Theft Auto V, (GTA V) APK (23.5MB)

✔ Next, download GTA V OBB File (2.41GB)

✔ Then download GTA V, Visa 2 Patch Data File (1.42GB)

Now after downloading all the files above, follow below guidelines on how to install the game on your Android.

Extract the OBB file folder to SDCard>Android>OBB folder

After that, extract the Patch data file folder to SDCard>Android>data folder

Finally, launch the Apk you installed on your phone and start playing the game. Am sure you will enjoy it.

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  1. Innovative 3 character story, switching.
  2. Characters have great personalities
  3. Trevor finally makes us feel like were playing the "bad guy" 
  4. World feels truly alive from the sky to the mountains to the desert ocean floor, wildlife compliments this nicely 
  5. The graphics are greatly improved from GTA 4 ( this is not debatable)
  6. Graphics are great (my opinion) 
  7. Driving more realistic and greatly improved from GTA 4 aswell as any other GTA game (debatable but still my opinion) 
  8. many fun mini games
  9. huge map
  10. great story
  11. game is all around very fun/ type of game where you look up at the clock to see 3 or 4 hours have gone by 
  12. shoot/gun play feels solid
  13. gta online looks very promising 
  14. funny humor/good writing 
  15. has the classic GTA "feel" 

  1. Too much GB/MB (Data) needed to download it
  2. melee combat still not that great (actually worse in my opinion)
  3. lack of fan favorite side missions (gang wars, police missions, fight club)
  4. bad music (my opinion)
  5. alot of buildings aren't accessible (only 19 i believe you can rob)
  6. lack of gangs (not an issue for most but i've always been a gang nerd when it comes to gta games and only seeing a few that you can run into in the game is disappointing to me)
  7. not as many "activities" as it seemed to be promised by rockstar
  8. inability to rob banks/pull off own heists in free roam
  9. cops randomly see through walls but sometimes don't
  10. new wanted system is flawed (while i like the whole each cop has its own rader idea, 1 star is very annoying to get rid of and takes a while.

Though the game requires massive data to install, it won't be a problem if you have free WiFi or unlimited data. Remember to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc by hitting the share buttons. We are expecting your comments about the game.


  1. Thanks for Your wonderful update

  2. thanks for the wonderful update

  3. Pls oga wizy how can i unzip the file in gta 5

    1. Download RAR for Android

      Open App

      Tap on the app and navigate to the directory where your RAR is saved. The main window contains the list of files and folders. The top tab contains the total versus unused storage space on your SD card, or it can also contain the packed and unpacked sizes for archives.The icon to the top-left that is made of 3 horizontal lines is a navigation panel where you can go to access your SD card or downloads, or issue the main RAR commands. Using levels (such as Up One Level) allows you to navigate back and forth between folders and their subfolders.
      Located in the top-left corner is the menu icon (3 vertical dots) that you can visit to repair, test, or send files. There is an option to remove all advertisements from the app, but it requires that you pay.

      Open RAR

      Tap on the folder or file of your choice.
      You can now browse or archive its contents.
      Tapping on the file is usually sufficient to open the file with its affiliated program. For instance, once the RAR folder is tapped, it then display three .png files that open in My Gallery when those files are pressed.
      The buttons above the list also allow you to add your selected files to the archive (icon with the plus sign), extract to unpack the chosen file(s) (icon with the up arrow), or delete files (trash can symbol).
      Long-pressing any file or folder will also give you options to create an archive, add to an existing archive, copy to clipboard, cut, start a new folder, delete or rename.

  4. please wizzy have u tested it on Mali 400 device??

  5. Sir I hope you've downloaded and install this game and played the game before sharing it here

    1. I wouldn't have posted it if i haven't played it. Though i don't play games for longer time. I just install, test it and write about it, then uninstall as I don't usually have time to play games on phone.

      Hope you understand now

  6. chai nawaoooooo dis game size is too much

  7. With my 2gb RAM enabled phone, I'm gonna try out this game ASAP.

    Thanks for the update

  8. Like 4GB data needed for this game.... Airtel night sub (1.5GB @ N200) x 3days or 3sims

  9. Oga wizy e go work for version 5.1.1

  10. Chai!!! My data I will rather use school WiFi, hope the game is okay sha @ oga wizy?

    Thanks for this one.

  11. Thanks for this game boss, actually downloaded one before but it didn't work.. but I'll try this one sha... I hope it gives me joy😀😀

    Commenting from

  12. have download this game from play.mob be4 but it s kind of hang wen I want to play it .I hope it as been fixed be4 I download it again

  13. Good but mb no dey cheat

  14. Oga wizzy hope it's not online gaming o

    1. It's offline but when you want to play Multiplayer mode, then it's online.

  15. pls oga wizy I'm currently playing Grand theft san andreas, i want to install this auto V but it's trying to replace san andreas....pls cant i install both?

    1. GTA 5 works as San Andreas Mod so sometimes, it won't install as a separate app on a device that already have San Andreas installed.

      In this case, use parallel space app to install it successfully.

  16. Haba now! This is just GTA SA mod, even GTA 4 will never run on most devices available as now

  17. Oga wizzy.... My Android 6.0 mash... Make I move D data to SD or Phone memory to work, coz some of my games na internal memory e dey use before e work

  18. Abeg post GTA IV Data Download Link... I Don search tire

  19. oga wizy i download the game but I notice say na San Andreas i con day play after unzipping

  20. oga wizy i download the game oo na San Andreas e con day play instead of Gta 5

  21. Nice cool game nice update bro

  22. Oga wizy but i have downloaded it but still don't want to work for me

  23. Why not tell them that it GTA SA mod not official gta 5 😕 😕 😕