Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ethiopia Shuts Down Internet Nationwide To Prevent Exam Leak

When it comes to being strict in Examination, Ethiopia has shown how determined they are in eliminating examination malpractice as they have taken serious measures to achieve this. For few years now, the country shuts down internet access in the whole country in order to discourage spreading and leaking of exam papers online. This is the third time the nation is embarking on this hard decision.

The country has closed its digital borders to prevent leaks during tests after papers were posted online by activists last year

Ethiopia has shut off internet access to its citizens, according to reports from inside the country, apparently due leaked exam papers for the nation’s grade 10 examinations.

Outbound traffic from Ethiopia was shutdown around 4pm UK time on Tuesday, according to Google’s transparency report, which registered Ethiopian visits to the company’s sites plummeting over the evening. By Wednesday afternoon, access still had not been restored.

Last year, activists leaked the papers for the country’s 12th grade national exams, calling for the postponement of the papers due to a school shutdown in the regional state of Oromia. Now, the government appears to have taken the move to shut down internet access as a preventative measure.

According to tweets from Mohammed Ademo
"Ethiopia reportedly cutoff internet -for z 3rd time in 12 months -fearing activists will leak a scheduled national exam as they did last yr."

It’s the third time in a year that Ethiopia’s digital borders have been slammed shut. In July 2016, the government blocked a significant amount of traffic after university entrance exams were posted online; another block followed in August of that year.

The move is a common one across many developing nations: Algeria also blocked access to social media, in June last year, in an attempt to fight cheating in school exams. via
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  1. Ethiopia must be commended for taking such a hard decision on this issue.

    My question now is, can such a decision be taken in Nigeria?

    1. I dont think so,lemme guess Ethiopia us too small that there government shut down there internet

      This happening in Nigeria will make the government smell hell starting from there corrupt system of government.

  2. That decision is very bad nah,
    respect Naija,
    Nothing like that fit no happen.

  3. May be the student there depend on examination malpractics

  4. May be it the way they usually conduct their exams

  5. may be those exams that was conducted before were seen by the student from the internet. but never the less that à Nice decission.

  6. may be they did that to help the student

  7. Such a decision can never be taken in Nigeria

  8. Dat a nice decision from the government

  9. wizytechs tanks For ur update you Will always be the besr

  10. That's a very hash decision for them to have taken. Are the students the only INTERNET user in the country?

    What happens to other sectors of the economy that uses the INTERNET?

  11. How i wished it's Nigeria they take such decision. the student would have failed

  12. Nawa oo I feel sorry for the kids there,anyway its not yet late to crack brain and study had,if this happen in niger na die government go dey

  13. Student now adays on examination malpractice to pass their exams, they don't even read at all. dat a nice decision from the federal government

  14. Exams malpractice has eaten so deep into our system so that students now depend solely on it so as to attain good grades.

    Such a harsh decision should be implemented here in our country so as to make the students to sit up and face their books.

  15. Even when such a decision is taken here in nigeria. You can't give 100% sure to the student that when the government decide to take such decision of shutting internet connection nation wild, student nowadays will find possible means of doing examination malpractice or going to any extent to pass their exams or to get good grades

  16. assuming such a government take such a decision in Nigeria may be some people will still pass

  17. but to those who doesn't read may be they will fall a victim there by falling

  18. if this decision is also taken here in Nigeria failure will reduce.

  19. so I will like such decisions to be taken in Nigeria.atleast every one would like to read before going to the examination hall.thanks

  20. so I will like such decisions to be taken in Nigeria.atleast every one would like to read before going to the examination hall.thanks

  21. coming to look at this information oga wizy shared with us all I think this would tell other people to read before going to the examination hall.

  22. so thanks for the informative update once more.

  23. May be the student there depend on examination malpractics

  24. That decision is very bad nah,respect Naija,Nothing like that fit no happen.