Wow! Watch How Oukitel K10000 Pro Smartphone Was Manufactured

Hello guys, have you ever wondered how smartphones are being made, assembled or manufactured? Well, we have a 3-minutes manufacturing video of Oukitel K10000 Pro Android phone for you to watch and see things for yourself.

Remember that Oukitel K10000 Pro is one of the top smartphones in the world with best long lasting battery life with its crazy 10,000mAh capacity that can last you up to a week without charging. Apart from the astonishing battery power, the device also features some amazing specs like Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, Fingerprint ID scanner, and lots more. In fact, you can see all the specs of the phone by clicking Oukitel K10000 Pro specs

Interestingly, Oukitel has released the factory manufacturing process of the new device, it revealed how the phone was assembled together bit by bit which includes quality control tests for each of the device’s sub-assemblies, soldering the side keys, pasting of the water-proof conductive sponge label, pasting of the auxiliary materials such as the insulating Mylar and the heat spreader, and a whole lot more.
Phones actually goes through multiple testing’s before it’s been released into the market. It is some of these tested assembled packages they give blogger to review before the final release.

You can watch the 3min video below
You won't believe it but it's real, Oukitel K10000 Pro is currently priced at just $179 (N65,156 Nigerian Naira) on gearbest. Can you bit that?


  1. thanks oga wizy for ur nice update

  2. the phone na baba, i wish it be sold in jumia, slot and others

  3. pls oga wizy can gta 5 work on tecno w2 because you know that tecno w2 is game selective.but I can recall that I played and finished gta San Andreas on my tecno w2 but that one is almost 3gb but now the gta 5 is almost 4gb and the phone storage is 3.34gb but the one of San Andreas is not working on my SD card pls I don't know whether this one might work on my SD card.pls how may I do it .

  4. pls is there any way you can change the download location on ur uc mini handler to SD card.pls I have tried and still don't know how to do it.pls help me out.

  5. Have just checked for the price in the said website and it's $227.59 and not as stated here.

  6. Lemme see if i can order it via ALIEXPRESS at the cost $189.99

  7. About to start flexing with this phone. The specs are up-to-date

  8. Wow first even battery capacity, what a price too, its affordable but not for common man

    Thanks wizy for this updates

    1. No bro,

      with that price tag and coupled with the specs most especially the battery capacity, it's affordable.

  9. The video is really good and i have gathered more videos about the said phone.