Buy New Tecno Camon CX Mancity Edition At Slot Outlets

New Tecno Smartphone, the Camon CX Mancity Edition is now available and you can buy it from Slot Ng outlets in Nigeria. TECNO Mobile, leading mobile phone maker and ‘Official Tablet and Handset Partner of the Manchester City Football Club’, ​has ​announced exclusive sales agreement with SLOT Systems outlets.
Tecno camon cx mancity edition
The contractual partnership provides for the exclusive nation-wide distribution of Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition smartphones.

Addressing the media on the partnership and unveiling of the Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition, Attai Oguche, Deputy Marketing Manager, PR, offline events and sponsorships,​ ​TECNO Nigeria said: “TECNO aims to leverage SLOT Systems’ nationwide presence to connect with local consumers who wish to experience or buy the flagship​”.​

“Only 200 units of Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition Smartphones will ship to Nigeria this summer and we want to make the distribution nationwide. SLOT Systems stands out as the retail partner that can deliver high quality of customer service for this unique flagship.” Attai Oguche added.

“Over the past decade, SLOT Systems Ltd. has been delivering tailor-made customer service to Nigeria’s mobile phone consumers by leveraging advanced technology and trained personnel,” said Nnamdi Ezeigbo MD, SLOT Systems Ltd.

“We are happy to partner with TECNO to provide our consumers with unparalleled mobile experience with the introduction of the new Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition smartphones.”

TECNO Camon CX flagship is the latest in a line of photo-focused smartphones of the TECNO Camon series; best known for its premium camera upgrades and pocket friendly price tag. The Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition features the City blue color and includes the official crest on the reverse.
Tecno Camon cx mancity launched
From L-R: Eason Duan, Brand Manager – West Africa, Tecno Mobile; Nnamdi Ezeigbo, MD & CEO, SLOT Systems Ltd.; Attai Oguche, Deputy Marketing Manager, PR, Offline Events and Sponsorships Tecno Mobile Nigeria; and Jesse Oguntimehin, Deputy Marketing Manager, Tecno Mobile Nigeria.

Camon CX Manchester City Limited edition stays true to the revolutionary pixel sensor and denoising camera technologies of the latest Camon CX/ CX Air flagships.

Like Camon CX/CX Air, the phone also comes with dual cameras hosting 4-in-1 light denoising technology. This means the signal-to-noise (SNR) capability is 1.7 times better than the average smartphone and has an incredible capability to shoot beautiful, stunning photography in low-light.

Each pixel sensor on the 16MP front and back cameras detect and transmit light from any image as independent signals that collectively forms the final image of a picture. This state-of-the-art camera technology results in selfies that are thirty percent brighter than selfies from average smartphones.
Tecno camon cx Unboxing
This unique smartphone standout features such as full-metal casing in City blue, a laser-etched Manchester City crest on the rear and an upgraded storage space of 4GB RAM/ 64GB ROM, much bigger than Camon CX.

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Customers who unbox the new phone will also enjoy customized gift packs including a City branded selfie stick, water bottle and Bluetooth speakers.

The Camon CX Manchester City Limited edition will ship mid-July to Nigeria, Exact price will be based on the local market.
Source Tecno Mobile


  1. thanks for the informative update

  2. All true Manchester City fans should buy this mobile phone

  3. Ds device is specially made for selfie freaks en I think it got other superb additional specs..

    @d moment let's patiently wait for d price

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  7. What Happened To Jumia And Konga, Slot Prices Are Always High.

  8. ah.. only 200 units to shipped to Nigeria

  9. That's a nice looking device and specifications are great

  10. Tecno and infinix are my best mobile device,camon cx is actually a big bomb,kudo to this very company.nice update bro

  11. A particular saying goes like this Different strokes for different folks

    I can go with Infinix based on the fact that they do release updates on a regular basis to their phones but what about TECNO?