Friday, July 14, 2017

Etisalat Changed Name To 9Mobile After Crisis

Etisalat Nigeria on Thursday 13, 2017 changed its name to 9Mobile following the dept crises and other issues affecting the brand in the country.

Though they had promised that the internal operations will not be affected and staffs will not be laid off only the name will change and it has changed.

The company's management at the end of a management meeting in Lagos adopted the new Etisalat name 9Mobile

Recall thay Etisalat International issued 3 weeks ultimatum to change the name or… Now that the name has changed, you should begin to see effect of the name change from your mobile device any moment soon. We should be expecting adverts on media outlets to create awareness to the public and am sure it's just a matter of time before we get used to the new name.

As I stated earlier, the name change won't affect your Etisalat line, your data plans, your airtime, your subscriptions or your tariffs as everything is still intact.

But come to think of it, why not 9jaMobile instead of 9Mobile? I think the former will make more sense and carry more swag to Nigerians. Anyway, this new network name reminds me of those app and game downloading sites those days we use java and Symbian phones. Lol


  1. Their slogan goes like this 0809ja

    So it won't have been a bad idea if they had used 9jamobile
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Thanks for Your informative article

  3. 9mobile yeah I totally forgot about the site wizy, well 9jamobile would have been better but am sure experts were paid to come with this name so for now let us reserve judgements and watch out for their branding and marketing campaign.

  4. Well it seems it's there best choice of new brand name,we wish you guys well this time.
    Good update bro

  5. that's change for Nigeria
    I still love 9mobile network

  6. The name isn't bad.. kinda like it
    Nice update wizy!

  7. thanks for the informative update

  8. thanks for the informative update

  9. for me, d name does not matter, what matters most is d satisfaction d will offer to us.. atleast make cheat come out jharre

  10. that is sacrosanct, well we will find out its meaning sooner or later