Huawei To Stop Making Low-End Smartphones

Huawei, the world’s 3rd largest smartphone maker and the highest smartphone maker in China has announced it won't be making low-end smartphones any longer. This is part of the restructuring techniques to boost sales and profits.

So in other words, low-end Huawei smartphones will soon go extinct. The company says it is for this reason that they will go forward with mid-range and upper-range smartphones only from now. According to Huawei:

We are giving up the very low-end devices because the margin in this is extremely low, and it’s not making enough profit for us

Recall in 2014, Huawei announced a cut in production of low-end devices. And now, the brand has followed through on the logical path following that move.

Anyway, Huawei isn’t the first smartphone company to announce an abandonment of the low-end market both HTC, Blackberry and even Apple once talked about this. Though it didn't go down well with Blackberry.

For sure, there are mesmerizing alternatives if you still want to get a low-end phone for yourself or someone else. The likes of itel, Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo etc are there releasing phones on frequent basis.


  1. Since all fingers are not the same, it will nice for them to reconsider their stand on making low-end phones.

  2. pls oga wizy I haven't received my free airtime.

  3. There are so many other companies that are still producing low-end phones like Itel and I'm sure that they will surely make more profits than Huawei.

    The world is filled with different classes of people and Huawei should carry everyone along and not concentrate on the middle and upper classes alone.

  4. dahz unfair, sometimes people doesn't know that it is the low-end phones that brings profit more faster cos it is been ordered on daily basis compare to d high-end phones since d economy is not smiling en all fingaz r not d same either..
    dahz just ma own opinion..

  5. Can someone out there tell this company to make a u turn in this their decision.

  6. Can someone out there tell this company to make a u turn in this their decision.