Saturday, July 29, 2017

Top Commentators Free Airtime Giveaway For July 2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen, happy weekend. I guess you are having a nice time over there. Yes it's another end of the month free airtime giveaway for best and top commentators on this blog WizyTechs.Com.

As usual, the top 5 people that drops comments and replies to other people's comments are picked automatically without any manipulation. These people are rewarded with free Airtime while the person with the most valuable comments gets double of what others got.

So far, Paul Asuquo has been a standout commentator, hence he has been singled out as the best commentator for 3 months now. Displacing Sir Mike who was ever present before now. Another person that could win this double airtime is Hassan although he needs to improve on the quality of his comments and minimize/stop double comments. He is really trying though. Having said that, below are the list of our top commentators for this month.

  1. Paul Asuquo
  2. Hassan
  3. Hussaini
  4. Sir Mike
  5. Chairman Eteng

If you see your name on the list above, kindly drop your phone number and state the network you are using and your Airtime will be sent to you.


Yes we promised a smartphone will be given to an overall best commentator but that should be a surprise. I won't state the particular date or month that the smartphone will be given but it will surely happen one day.

Now, do you know you can also win free airtime and smartphone 📱 from our partner site called SpecNG Blog? Well, all you need to do is also visit the blog always, read interesting post, comment and share the posts on social media and at the end of each month, you will be rewarded with free airtime while the smartphone reward from that blog will also come as a surprise in a surprise date. Visit SpecNG Blog and start dropping your comments as well.

Have a nice day and enjoy the weekend. One love from Wizy...


  1. Thanks brother, here is my number 08100546853

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  3. I really hope one day I will win the smartphone

    1. I will agree with you but just note that the competition is getting tougher as the day goes by.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for sharing in our moment of joy.

      May you also be celebrated one day

  5. Nice One keep the good work
    #TeamNokia Patent Breach, Nokia is richer by $2 billion From Apple

    One thing you need to watch is people making post that relative to the post and relevant
    not just writing Informative post as some do

  6. Replies
    1. Let's keep commenting so that we can take this blogger to another level

    2. Yeah I noticed wizytech is now top blog in Nigeria, wizy don't forget us oo

      You know waria mean

    3. He knows exactly what you are implying here.

  7. 09072558122 Airtel...
    it feels so good to be updated en also stand a chance of winning gifts..
    wizy ah so much cherish ur good works..

  8. Thanks oga wizy here is my number 07083616072 Airtel

  9. Lemme start by congratulating all the winners and equally congratulate the would-be winners of next month.

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks for being an instrument of blessing to others.

      May you also be richly blessed.

  11. oga wizy we appreciate ur effort toward giving airtime to top commentators every month may this blog be top and best among other is my airtel number 08122497495.

  12. my number is 08083873128

  13. whizzytech baba me hail o! good job man
    here's my number 08171639138

    1. Stop wasting your time. imagine you commenting as Anonymous and expecting for the airtime. How will he identify you?

    2. This guy is funny.

      Have checked the list of winners and your name is not amongst the listed names.

      CAN i add the number to our WhatsApp group?

      Try harder next time.