YouTube Video Support Coming To WhatsApp Directly

A brand new feature is coming to whatsapp that will allow you embed YouTube videos directly to the app so that you and your contacts can view it without opening YouTube app for playback.
Whatsapp YouTube video
This interesting feature will be added directly within the chat window, eliminating the need for the app to launch the YouTube app for playback.

The feature enables playback to be launched in a picture-in-picture window, while also offering functionalities like pinch-to-zoom, full screen view mode, and hide ongoing playback to continue reading messages in chat.

Meanwhile, once you switch to chat with another person, the playback will stop. For now, the feature is exclusively available on iOS, with supported devices including the iPhone 6 and above. No such tests have been noticed on the app's Android and Windows Phone clients.

If testing goes fine, Android users will be able to enjoy WhatsApp's new in-app YouTube playback soon. ref


  1. This would definitely increase the number if views but I don't think YouTubers can earn money through this because WhatsApp does not support ad display

  2. Wow this very good feature,nice idea let's just wait and see when the feature will be implemented on the next update if that's when it will come,nice update bro

  3. This will be a welcome development and the new owner of Whatsapp is really taking whatsapp to a new level which its previous owner couldn't do it.

    When this feature is eventually rolled out, those using gbwhatsapp will be left out on this for a while.

    Thanks for sharing this information with us

    1. I think the reason GB WhatsApp will be upgraded too sorry๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  4. Ds will b a very nice en cool feature..

  5. Thanks for Your informative article

  6. Mark Zuckerberg Is Really Trying To Put Whatsapp On A Pedestal That Will Be The Envy And Demiss Of Other IM.

  7. thanks for the informative update

  8. I think this a great idea from whatsapp.thanks

  9. This update is well commendable and it has forced me to install the official WhatsApp from Google playstore.

  10. If the testing goes fine, Android users will be able to enjoy WhatsApp's new in-app YouTube playback soon

  11. Wow...that's great
    You remember Google allo?....nobody is talking abt it again....
    Whatsapp is taking over!
    Nice update wizy, sauce dripping!!!

  12. ........ waiting patiently for testing to be concluded so that we Android users can start plying back YouTube videos.

    Kudos to the programmers