9Mobile APN Manual Configuration Settings For Internet Access

This post is about manual APN configuration settings for 9Mobile network (formerly Etisalat Nigeria) in order to have internet access in your phones, tablets, modem and other internet compatible devices. Note that APN simply means Access Point Name
9mobile APN
Ever since Etisalat name was changed to 9Mobile, we have seen some transformations in the logo, adverts, website, social media accounts, data plans, tariffs, mobile app and so on but the APN configuration is not yet automatically pushed to all devices. So I will show you how to configure your 9Mobile APN manually to enjoy smooth browsing experience.

In order word, if you are an old user of etisalat that is now 9mobile you are going to make the change by yourself manually. So if you are having difficulties browsing with your 9Mobile SIM, i will advise you to change your Access Point Name (APN) because the network issue may be caused by the old (APN)

9mobile APN is similar to Etisalat APN i terms of set up, just that you have to replace the name "Etisalat" with "9Mobile". However, to manually configure APN settings of any of your device that you are using 9mobile SIM/network with, all you need to do is to go to the APN settings of the device to configure it.


✔ Go to Settings on your device.
✔️ Tap Wireless & Network
✔️ Tap More Network.
✔ And then, tap Cellular Networks.
If your phone is using two sim at the top you will see the names of the sim/network you can switch to any.
✔️ Now, tap on Access Point Names.
You can Edit or add new APN by clicking on the "Plus sign". but meanwhile to edit the current one click on the name and edit it as follows;

» APN: 9mobile
» Username: leave blank
» Password: leave blank

Now that you have finished setting up APN, tap on the "three dots" at the top right and then Save your settings.

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That's how to configure 9Mobile APN settings for phones, tablets, modem and other devices. Enjoy your browsing.


  1. Thanks for this timely update which I'm vehemently believing that it will help us to solve the 9mobile bad network issues we are now experiencing in some quarters.

  2. Pls wizy how much is inifinix note 2 x600 2gb version how much is the new one

    1. The 2gb RAM version of Infinix Note 2 costs about 40,000 Naira

  3. thanks am gonna recheck my setting so that I configure it properly based on the settings you gave us here.

  4. I pray that the new settings will make my etisalat anonytun blazing fast and unlimited

  5. Thanks for the information am gona edit my settings asap