9Mobile Network is Back and Officially Confirmed

It seems like the epileptic 9Mobile Network issues noticed for some weeks is now over as the telecom company took to their social media accounts to announce the restoration of stable network signals in most part of the country.

Recall last week, 9Mobile issued a statement on social media apologizing to Nigerians about the recent bad network and connectivity downtime on the network and promised to fix it and bring everything back to normal. Now it's like, they have fulfilled the promise. Below is their most recent statement on social media concerning the situation;

We sincerely apologize for the recent network downtime you experienced. Services are back up in some areas and we are working fervently to restore services in all locations. #9mobileCares

If what they said is to be believed, it means 9Mobile customers in some part of the country should start enjoying the full network coverage once again while they continue troubleshooting and fixing other parts with network issues.

How is the network connection in your area? Did you notice any improvement? Let us know via the comments section.


  1. wow thats great o... Sad new here o,,, uc mini handler has stop working here o... You people should confirm o. Wizy please come to our rescue o.

  2. They at least have the decency to apologize unlike glo that keeps mute. Well service in my area has been hitch free.

  3. Has glo redirect.glo.com stopped working?

  4. Did anyone noticed the UC glo 0.0kb has stopped working... wizy kindly update on this plz :(

    1. replace redirect.glo.com with www.gloworld.com and reconnect. I noticed yesterday and found out the solution yesterday

  5. Still towing the same line with other commentators, apologies accepted.

    Lots of improvements still needs to be carried out by them.

  6. To me I didn't noticed Any network issue

  7. Thanks for the informative article