Adsbook to merge with Swisscoin in the Near Future

Swisscoin, which is a Bitcoin type of online business is waxing stronger by the day. Some of us has already invested heavily and decently on the platform and hopefully will start reaping the benefits as the value of swisscoin increases following the recent initiation of SIC transfers.

Now another great news is that the Adsbook Concept will become an Acceptance point of Swisscoin in the near future!

Having that said, as the Adsbook Community grows, the global demand will therefore increase.

Adsbook is said to have a community of already 1 Million in population by end of August or early September 2017 even though Adsbook Concept was given to the public to acknowledge 3/8/2017.

Adsbook's vision is to grow people and business public demand and to make your avenues of income greater. The Adsbook fan page has already started to grow and in the near future will grow just like this Swisscoin page has grown because the I know how to create a public demand.

2-3 years from now we will all be looking at both Adsbook and Swisscoin in a very different light. This is due to higher end technology being implemented and later version software updates. We are always building to become greater and more powerful!

Network marketers and anybody wanting a public demand will really enjoy this Concept and by end of 2017 Adsbook Community is projected to have 5 Million in its population...... Imagine 2-3 years from now.

Adsbook to also assist in boosting the Swisscoin demand with no doubt whatsoever imagine millions of people getting awareness of Swisscoin globally and start trading Swisscoin on the Stock Market imagine our demand and imagine our strength then.

With recession hit countries and countries where people need to be known to make a success via social media, Adsbook will link itself to your Social Media platforms to boost your public demand.

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Adsbook to also become a partner with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum soon!

Soon we will disclose the Web Link for you all to Register for Free on this page so Like and Share the this page to grow the community you will soon need to assist you in your personal and business lives 😃👍


  1. These 2 concepts Swisscoins and Bitcoin are totally strange to me.

    Lemme now carry out my research via Google for more understanding

  2. d way people are registering wid swisscon ds days m beginning to pick interest in it too tho i vow never to involved in any online money ds or dat..

  3. It's always stated that once beaten twice shy and I'm still skeptical about reading anything relating to making money online about Bitcoins or Swisscoins.

  4. I never liked all this online money stuff.
    Sorry not interested