Bring Back Etisalat! 9mobile Subscribers Cries Out

Few days after announcing the return of proper network signals across the country, 9Mobile is at the receiving end of some bashing by fans on Twitter.

Over the last few weeks, subscribers of former Etisalat Nigeria, now called 9mobile, have raised their voices in complaint about quality of service on the network. The complaints of 9mobile subscribers range from poor internet connections to outright network outages in various locations. We have curated some of the tweets for you.

Checkout Some Of The Complaints By 9mobile Subscribers

Some tweets on Twitter:

So in your own opinion, what do you think? Is 9Mobile better than the former Etisalat Nigeria? What's your take?


  1. Some comments have really made me laughed my sorrows away.

    That's a well written article and i want to say a big thank you to you.

  2. This is definitely not good for 9mobile, I thought the only thing that changed about them is just the name, it’s seems the name “Etisalat” has also taken the good service away from them. Before, it was only debt, but now, another bad network coverage has added to it, I hope they find solution to thisas soon as possible.

  3. Funny I recharged 100 naira and it was instantly removed, called customer care 3 times and they kept saying there's no update that I recharged, I should call back later.

  4. Things will get better. We shouldn't forget that this can happen to anyone.

  5. I believe 9mobile will fix everything's good for they fans and customers users, 9mobile had a signing issue for beta users.

  6. Sadly, the Nigerian factor has crept in. News like this makes you wonder if we are cursed as a country.

    the name doesnt even make sense to me

  8. 9mobile ng
    We sincerely apologize for the recent network downtime you experienced. Services are back up in some areas and we are working fervently to restore services in all locations.

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