Download Latest GBWhatsapp 5.80 Apk App For Android

A new version of GBWhatsapp is available as V5.80. You can now download latest GBWhatsapp 5.80 on your Android phone and enjoy the new features it brings along. Remember this app allows you use two different whatsapp accounts on one phone as you can run it simultaneously with the official whatsapp application.
Latest GBwhatsapp
GBWhatsapp is very popular and one of the best WhatsApp MOD available for free. In addition to the unmatchable features it has, the app is safe with its encryption features. So far, there hasn't been any reported data or information stolen via this platform. The Mods keep developing and upgrading the app with more features. The version 5.80 is even more interesting packages. It works on both rooted and non rooted Android phones but not yet available for iPhone users.

So if you have ever wanted to use two whatsapp apps on your phone at the same time or you have dreamed of having more features on your whatsapp, just download GBWhatsapp from the link below and thank me later. 😂


  1. Disable calls for Specific Contacts.
  2. Video Calling Working.
  3. Send Gif Images.
  4. Selfie Flash added.
  5. Hide Last Seen for Specific Contacts.
  6. Send Link to Join Whatsapp Group Publically.
  7. Ban proof, No Issue of Ban your Account.
  8. Now you can send a broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people.
  9. Supports calls, No Worries about calling feature.
  10. Hide your ( last seen ) Without any problem in One Click.
  11. Privacy mods like Hiding Second Tick etc.
  12. Themes mods, Apply any Theme of your Choice from Inbuilt Theme Store.0
  13. Theme Server ( to download/use themes )
  14. Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod according to your own choice.
  15. Counter statistics for groups.
  16. Media preview without loading, much advanced and better than original WhatsApp.
  17. Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen so no worries about your last seen showing in other people’s device.


  1. Send a video to size 30 MB instead of 16 MB, So now enjoy sending big video files with your friends.
  2. Send 90 images at once instead of 10. Now you can send bulk images without any issues at all.
  3. Change your status and add to 250 characters instead of 139 characters. Now Add Big Quotes in your Whatsapp Status
  4. Ability to press on links on chat screen without saving sender number or group admin number
  5. The possibility of distinguishing between regular messages and Broadcast messages.
  6. Hide the name and the date when copying more than one message. So now you can copy bulk SMS without showing other people’s name ( excellent feature).
  7. The possibility of copying friends status. Now Click on your Friend’s Status, and it will copy status of your friend to Clipboard.
  8. Change the app icon and notifications from settings.

Am sure you like the features and what you see. Now head over to the download link below:

Download GBwhatsapp 5.8


  1. Download the apk file above
  2. Locate where its downloaded on your memory card or phone inbuilt memory
  3. Run the app
  4. Enter your number
  5. Input your name
  6. Choose to restore your previous chats (If you are installing an update)
  7. Continue to finish the installation.
That's it, you can now start chatting.

For previous versions of the app, click here and here to get Gbwhatsapp v5.7 and v5.6 respectively.


  1. Wizytechs thanks for this but hope it's not like the previous version, that one really caused havoc on my phone, it kept crashing till o had my phone erased, but I'll try this one sha..thanks for the info..
    Commenting from

    1. Mine never crashed so i don't think is from d previous version like u said.

    2. That crazy is from your phone and not the whatsApp

    3. The issue so raised here is as a result of some known facts which I'm gonna point and thereafter proffered possible solutions.

      ✔ If your phone memory is low and app was installed in the phone memory, it will crash often. The solution is moving the app to SD card.

      ✔ The Phone's dalvik cache should be cleaned.

  2. I so much love ds whatsapp..
    if u r not using it den u are on a long tin..
    thanks bro. gonna update mine ryt away..

  3. Thanks for always coming up with new and informative updates. Have just finished downloading it.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Lemme start with your last question

      ✔ You won't be logged out of all the WhatsApp groups that you were in before.

      ✔ Once you install this mod, you will be logged out of the original one if and only if the phone number remains the same.

      You can use 2 different WhatsApp in one phone.

  5. thanks bro, downloaded fine and i must say i love your blog updates

  6. oga wizy I have not received my airtime.

    1. Really? Maybe i didn't see ur comment. Alright drop your number. Remember to specify the network and you will get your airtime sent to u

    2. Sorry for the delay here is my airtel number 08122497495.

  7. Replies
    1. Kindly check your browser and phone settings.

      I have just re checked the link and it's working perfectly fine.

      If you want a mirror link, then WhatsApp me on


    2. His issue has just been resolved via our private chat

  8. disappointed by GbWhatsapp is a fallacy. I wonder why some pals still tend to download the normal one. well that's why it's normal. but I prefer this new one with its new features ranging from sharing large video files to adding up to 600 usersand copying friend's status.this is awestrucking compared to the other

  9. Thanks wizy, but what does the GB stand for?

    1. Nice question. Upon seeing this question, I had to search Google for the meaning but i came out with nothing.

      The search still continues

    2. Nice question. Upon seeing this question, I had to search Google for the meaning but i came out with nothing.

      The search still continues

  10. it would be nice if they could include snapchat filters.....just saying..

  11. Wow! This is a really Amazing post. i Think it’s Best for gbwhatsapp download game user. i am waiting for your next article. Carry On bro…..

  12. What Zuckerberg has done is sensational