Download WizyTechs App V2.2 With Cool Features Via Playstore

Hello guys, the latest version of WizyTechs Android Application is now available on Playstore as WizyTechs V2.2 with new features, designs, bug fixes and interesting updates. I have fixed feed errors and other bugs.
wizytechs app
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We analyze and give you the best data plans suitable for your budget and lifestyle.

We teach you how to tweak and optimize your phones, laptops and other electronics gadgets for optimal performance.

We love games so we frequently update you with the latest games and the free download links.

A regular visitor of wizytechs blog is always informed of the latest updates in the technology world of today as the blog is consistently updated with new articles.


✔️ New Free Browsing Updates
✔️ New Design With Menus
✔️ Easy Navigation
✔️ Browses and Downloads Faster Than Before
✔️ More Interesting Blog Updates
✔️ Added Latest Phones From SpecNG
✔️ And Bug Fixes
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✔ Download WizyTechs App on Google Playstore

You can also get the app by searching "wizytechs app" via google or simply downloading from this blog's sidebar area or below post area.

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Meanwhile, if you already have the previous version installed, you should see an update on Playstore, just tap on it to update the app to this version.


  1. Good one. WizyTechs all the way

  2. First time e hearing about this, definitely going to try it out.

    1. It has been long since the app was released. I got to know about it when the GIONEE M2 WHATSAPP GROUP was very active back then.

  3. I will suggest that all ardent readers and followers of this great blog should avail themselves this golden opportunity by installing the wizytechs app in their phones so as to get timely updates.

  4. very interesting at least it will help keep me update
    Nice job wizy u are the best

  5. Having a nice time using the wizytechs apps and comments on this issue of Glo data not coming up were made via the wizytechs v2.1

  6. wizytechs the best solution blog nice app

    1. I vehemently agree with you. This updated version is superb and i must commend him for his hard works.

  7. I gonna try and download mine asap