Google Introduces YouTube Breaking News Section

Harrah!!! YouTube now has a "breaking news" feature that displays videos about latest events globally. In other words, YouTube Breaking News section contains a collection of videos that share breaking news from any part of the globe. So YouTube is no more about watching your favorite music, movies, funny jokes and all that, but also you now get informed with the latest happenings via video news feed. Interesting i must say.
YouTube breaking news
The news videos can be seen in a horizontally scrollable format, and they are unique to your region. Interestingly Breaking News is available on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. However, not quite everyone has gotten the feature yet. Also, it is not clear as to whether this Breaking News section will only be operational when there is breaking news. However, it is quite clear that people from the same region would be receiving the same news.


Well, if you do not want to see the news, you can simply hit the X on your desktop platform, or tap the "Not Interested" option in the three-dot menu on your mobile device.

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video sharing social media platform with over 1.5 billion people watching an hour of videos on mobile devices alone according to CEO Susan Wojciki. Do you know that also has similar feature? Snapchat serves its viewers daily news. Waiting for facebook and LinkedIn to join😃


  1. Thanks for this wonderful update. Judging from the way and manner in which updates are being rolled out, very soon we are gonna lost count of the available features.

    Kudos to you for always making it real here

  2. Will the platform be open for everybody to post?

  3. So much offer from YouTube now, more and more features are now added to the platform. From video watching to video sharing, and now, breaking news video. This is great development.

  4. YouTube’s turn to become full fledged social media. Thanks for this information update

  5. The Wizytechs app is awesomely great and am commenting via the said app.