How To Turn Off Camera Shooter Sound on Android

Taking snapshots with your phone camera is fun especially when the camera sound is turned ON at the loudest volume. But in some environment or situations, you need to turn off the camera shooter sound. For instance, if you want to take silent pictures during a meeting, inside church or mosque. Or maybe you want to get an evidence from a criminal scene, you may wish to take pictures in silent mode, this is where this tutorial comes in handy.

In order words, this post is about how to turn off camera shooter sound in Android phones and tablets but note that this is illegal in some countries so don't apply this if your country's law is against it.

All Android phones basically come with camera sound enabled and while it's very simple to mute the sound in most phones, it can be tricky in some phone models. In some phones, it's as easy as reducing the phone volume or putting the device in silent mode but while in others, it's more than that. So follow below guides to see how to turn off camera sound in various Android devices.


✔ Go to your camera app
✔️ Tap the menu icon
✔️ Go to Settings
✔️ Then set the Sound slider to Off. Some other devise simply use the volume controls.

On certain Huawei devices, you need to go to the camera app,
✔️ Tap the menu icon
✔️ Then the settings button
✔️ Next, go to Mute and enable it, which will disable the camera sound. On the Honor 8, you can either use the above method or simply use the volume keys.

✔ Swipe in from the left side of your screen, ✔️ Then tap on the Settings icon.
✔️ This is located on the right side of the screen.
✔️ When you do that, you will see the shutter sound option in the next window.
✔️ Turn it off there.

Some Samsung devices require you to hit the cog wheel in the camera app to find the Shutter Sound option. There you can switch it off. However, on some newer Samsung devices, you just need to change the master volume settings.

5. LG
LG’s Lollipop camera software does not have a camera shutter option. You have to put your phone on vibrate to get rid of the sound.

Some Motorola phones have a little dial, which slides in from the left side of the screen. The loudspeaker icon represents the shutter sound. Just tap on it to enable or disable it.

7. HTC
Some HTC models require you to tap on the menu icon, go to Settings, then untick the camera shutter sound box in General Settings. However, on the HTC 10, you just need to change your master volume settings.

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For other brands like Gionee, Infinix, Tecno, itel etc, you just need to put your phone in vibration or in silent mode to turn off or disable camera sound.


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  2. Upon seeing that GIONEE was mentioned here, i had to open my camera app so as to enable me check on how the shooter sound can be disabled and here is my findings

    ✔ Launch the camera appp

    ✔ Click on the settings icon located on the top right corner

    ✔ Scroll down a little and you will the toggle for switching it ON or OFF.

  3. I so much like Gionee, Infinix and Tecno phones they Step-By-Step Guide are very easy to operate then other phones

  4. switch off camera sound is very good mostly when you taking pictures in public. Thanks the post is helpful

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  6. Why no write up on Popular phone like Tecno and infinix

    1. Have written on GIONEE and if you are currently using an INFINIX phone, then you can as well share yours in the comment box.


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  8. Firstly, you should check camera settings. When the camera app is open, hit the menu key and go to settings and then look for shutter sound and turn it off. This works for a lot of devices.

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  10. Replies
    1. If that's what you are using, then i will suggest that you check it by yourself cos it's very simple to off camera sound.