Samsung is Testing Android Nougat on Galaxy C-series devices

Samsung as we all know is a popular name in the electronic world and in smartphones in particular. This is because they usually deliver and have the needs of their customers at heart.

According to tipster @mmddj_china who is based out of China, Samsung has started testing the Nougat update on multiple Galaxy C series devices. Specifically, Android 7.0 is being tested on the Galaxy C5, Galaxy C7, and the C9 Pro smartphones.
Galaxy c7 Nougat
He also revealed that it is the Chinese versions of these phones will get the Nougat update. There is, however, no information on exactly when the roll out will begin. Given Samsung's track record, it may take sometime before the update arrives officially.

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  1. So the international versions are left out

    1. Am sure Samsung will not leave the global versions out.
      Just that they are starting with these Chinese versions first.

  2. Lemme start by asking if samsung have been testing their updates this way before now and i wanna conclude by saying that the international versions will be left out for now.

  3. Everything is getting Nougat, but they decided to leave Note 4 (which is more than capable of running MM) on MM. Basically the same phone as Motorola Nexus 6 which runs vanillla Nougat without any problems.

  4. some said c9 pro it's only good in china , also there in china they said that it's not so good.... can people buy the 6gb ram 128gb mem , outer china cannot get this type... and i think need this would increase the chipset and graphic processor for the next gen of c9

  5. its how the updates timelines in samsung working fact the marshmallow in note 4 is a little watered down edition as compared to the phones which launched with marshmallow out of the box if u have a good look at the icons for note 4 marshmallow ul realize it is very reminiscent of android 5.1.1 rom of touchwiz Such is the treatment for loyal customers.thanks for the update.

  6. In a related news, this week Google released the August distribution for the Android OS. According to numbers revealed Android Nougat now runs on a total of 13.5 percent devices globally, while Android Marshmallow has a total of 32.3 percent devices. Android Nougat distribution picked up in the month of June and now has been showing consistent increment.

  7. This also coincides with the release of Android O operating system approaching close. Google recently summed up Android Nougat developer program.