See What Buhari's Return Is Causing In Google

The president of Nigeria Mohammed Buhari is back to the country after spending over 100 day in the UK for medical reasons. Now as expected, there’s a big spike in Google searches related to Buhari. Nigeria and a couple of African countries are the major countries behind the spike.

The search term gained momentum after news broke of the President’s arrival.

Interestingly, the search query was most popular with Northerners. As a matter of fact, the northern states dominated the top 10 states searching for the term Buhari using Google.

Other search terms dominating Google search today include:

Now that the president is back, what next? Anyway, welcome Mr President and we hope you get fully fit soon.


  1. Arrhh
    Anyway, Welcome back Mr President.. .
    Thanks for the Update

    Please when will they release OTA update for Tecno l8 plus

    1. Am sorry to be the one to pass this bad news to you no OTA update is coming to that device

  2. There is no date for the release of OTA update for Tecno L8 at the moment but I will update it on this blog once it's available

  3. I watched it on TVC NEWS LIVE and i want to use this medium in welcoming back our beloved president.

    Welcome back baba Buhari

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  5. Not at all surprised by this development. Welcome back Mr President.

  6. Please, where did you get your most search results on google. Please



    President Muhammadu Buhari returns to the country later today, after receiving medical attention in London.
    The President had left the country on May 7, this year, after handing over power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who has functioned as Acting President since then.
    President Buhari is expected to speak to Nigerians in a broadcast by 7 a.m on Monday, August 21, 2017.
    He thanks all Nigerians who have prayed ceaselessly for his recovery and well-being since the beginning of the health challenge.

    Special Adviser to the President
    (Media and Publicity)
    August 19, 2017

  8. Text Of Buhari’s Speech To Nigerians On His Return From London (A Draft) By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

    Speech is loading...........


  9. Fellow Nigerians, I am happy to address you all today on my return from medical treatment in the United Kingdom. It is by the grace of Almighty Allah that I am here with you.

    I want to begin by thanking every Nigerian who prayed for my quick recovery. I also wish to thank those who lost patience with me. I understand your feeling. We have so much work to do in this country that every minute lost is a disservice to our people.

    My special thanks goes to the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. He held the fort in my absence. I’m very pleased with his performance despite the difficulties our political structure imposed on him. He did the job of leading this nation so well that I have a renewed confidence in our leaders of tomorrow.

    I also thank the National Assembly, my ministers, the members of the judiciary, our security forces and civil servants across this nation who go to work everyday and look up at the picture of their leader who had been absent for long and still dedicate themselves to the task of the day.

    Being sick is a human condition. While we pray that sickness does not befall even our worst enemies, it is one of those life experiences that ‘will come when it will come’. For those concerned about the financial burden my illness must have exerted on our nation, I want to dispel your fears.

  10. Though as your president I am entitled to receive medical treatment anywhere that my doctors deemed best, I’m waiving that right. My family and friends will take care of my medical bills.

    As leaders, we must lead by example. I promised to end medical tourism if elected president of Nigeria. Two years after, it has not happened. You do not have to go far to know that it has not happened. My absence from Nigeria for 103 days makes it evident. It is my personal failure. I own up to it, the same way I own up to all that we promised but have not accomplished.

    As part of my renewed commitment to this country, in my remaining days as your president, I will make sure that no president of Nigeria will again have the need to travel abroad to receive medical treatment. We have done greater things in the past. We can do this.

    In the last two years, we have opened the window of opportunities for tens of thousands of our young people through the N-Power entrepreneur scheme. We have school children in 13 states of Nigeria receiving free lunch at school as part of our Homegrown School Feeding Programme. In 9 states, over 26,000 are receiving N5,000 stipend a month from Conditional Cash Transfer Programme. We have stabilized the Naira and the economy. No matter how raw and uneven it may have been, we have taken a stab at the fight against corruption. Though it is still with us, its wings of impunity have been clipped. And instead of unrelenting on this fight, we are reloading and refocusing.


  11. We have made strides here and there, but for many, the change that we promised has not materialized. In some cases, the change has taken many of our people two or three steps backwards. To them, it is hard to preach that stepping back is part of the process needed for a forward push. They may have seen the rams do it, but that does not mean that they will understand it and embrace it when it means doing with less meat in their pot of soup.

    For me, this period of ailment has been an opportunity for great reflection. If I had an illusion that I would always be with you, that illusion is gone now. I will not always be with you. But I know that Nigeria will always be with you. I, therefore, come back with a renewed commitment to leave a better nation for you all. In the little time that I have left in this role as your president, I want to see a more united Nigeria for all.

    Our unity can only come if we create an equitable and just nation.

    I have had time to look at Nigeria from outside. I have watched with great interest how the wheels of the nation work from afar. They are not working well. All that we were afraid of are happening now.

    We shall confront them. But more importantly, we shall confront the nursery where the anomalies are bred.


  12. In re-committing myself to the Nigerian project, I am determined to listen to, and understand, the people at the fringe of our society. More often than not, we fail to give them our ears and assume that what they have to offer has little or nothing to do with our lofty dream for the nation. That, I have come to understand, is a false premise. All voices are needed in the negotiation for the advancement of the Nigerian project.

    Moving forward, balancing the Nigerian project to give it a solid sense of equity and justice is paramount to me. I want all those who are committed to come to us. I want those at the forefront of the fight for restructuring Nigeria to bring to me proposals and blueprints on how to make things better.

    I want to balance the seats in the House of Representative to make it fair to all. I want the number of states in each geo-political zones balanced. I want to see the resources of this nation shared in such a way that those from the areas where these resources come from do not feel cheated by the rest. I want to devolve power from the center. I want to free the regions to stand on their own. I want the geopolitical zones enshrined in our constitution. I want the presidency to rotate amongst the zones. The number of local government in each zone should be fair so that local government allocations to each zone would not be lopsided.


  13. We need to sit down and articulate the blue print of how to make Nigeria great. I want a master plan of what should be done on my desk in six months. We need them in specific terms.

    We have to radically transform this country if we want it to survive. I’m looking for a holistic treatment of all that ails us.

    With the remaining time that we have, we want to set things right to make it easy for those coming behind us. We cannot wait. All along, the military has been the one putting in place constitutions and structures. Our democracy is mature enough that we can do them ourselves in tune with the desires and goals of our peoples. If we can accomplish that, the rest of the task of governing this beautiful country should be a lot easier, not just for this generation but for generations to come.

    You won’t always have Buhari with you, but my job is to make sure that you will always have a Nigeria, an equitable and just country for all.

    Political defeat of one section of the country only leads to progressive defeat of the whole nation.


  14. I am ready to defend this vision of a new Nigeria with the last breath in me.

    It is very unfortunate that we have been programmed to believe that in a family, injustice to one does not impact the cohesion and commitment of the other to the family. But it does. It is the reason for all the rumblings we hear in our dear country today.

    To ensure my commitment to this, in a few weeks, we will convene a meeting in Aso Rock with all the young people who are so dissatisfied with the Nigerian project that they have decided to opt out of it. We want to listen to them and forge a way to regain their trust. The youths of this nation are the most important resource that we have. That should not be just a mantra to be given mere lip service. It is a statement of fact that we need to hold sacrosanct.

    My generation has played its part. We must have the courage to begin a systematic disengagement so that the next generation can take the lead. I have seen them in technology hubs across Nigeria, on the streets hustling, in schools and in markets. I am confident that they can take this nation to glorious places.

    If this our present malaise is a spell, it has run its course. Our mumu don do.

    Thank you for listening and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  15. Still talking about Google trends, are you guys aware of this Google Working With Xiaomi For Android One?

  16. With the Nexus brand apparently gone, and the Pixel positioned at the high-end of the market, Google is reportedly working with Xiaomi on its budget-segment Android One phone.

    Xiaomi and Google are working together for the "Xiaomi A1" with Stock Android UI, 5.5" FHD Display, Dual Rear Cameras and Dual Sim card Slot at Budget Price. Sounds Great?

    The Xiaomi A1 will look similar to the recently announced Mi 5X which packs a Snapdragon 625 Processor coupled with 4GB RAM.

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  17. Still on the matter relating to Google trends, have you also observed that
    Google Adds Autoplaying Video Previews To Search Results.

    Starting now, when video results show up in the video carousel, just like text snippets for text results, you’ll see video previews. This feature is only accessible via the Google app for Android and Chrome on Android.

  18. At first, this feature is only available in English and in the US, but Google plans to expand the globally and in all languages in the future.

    By default, previews only play when you’re on a wi-fi connection. To enable previews on mobile networks or to opt out of this feature, visit the settings menu within the Google app or settings for Android Chrome.

  19. welcome back Mr President we are looking forward to see the change.

  20. Do you agree that President Muhammadu Buhari’s nationwide address to Nigerians is a move in the right direction?

    "I will commit suicide if President Buhari returns alive" ~ The Governor of Ekiti State & 2019 Presidential Aspirant, Peter Ayodele Fayose. Born: 15th November 1960.
    Osoko ,Nigerians are waiting for you to prove you are a "MAN".
    Will Fayose be man enough to keep to his word or humble enough to apologize to his followers.?

  22. Today in Nigeria
    Just before we ban hate speech.
    So they can feel the heat?
    The song you wouldn't like being sung to you, never you lead it with the talking drum.
    Yeye people


    Ekiti citizens protest Governor Fayose's false claims..Ask Fayose to produce the 11(Eleven) damning picture of President Muhammadu Buhari on life support machine or Resign and perhaps that he should as well do the needful,in line with his promise as PMB has returned Alive.
    Do you think that Fayose should be a honorable man by commiting suicide?

  25. Which report do we believe? It would be better to have the videos of some of these statements.

    The Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, has denied ever saying he would commit suicide if President Muhammadu Buhari returned to Nigeria arrive.
    Mr. Buhari returned from London, Saturday, where he had been on medical vacation for over 100 days.
    The Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Idowu Adelusi, told PREMIUM TIMES on Monday that the statement was a “creation of the All Progressives Congress, APC in the state.”
    “Mr. Fayose never said he would commit suicide if the President returns to the country,” he insisted.
    “It is the creation of the APC. It is their style to create such falsehood.”
    He said, instead, the governor had wished the president well and had joined others in praying for him.
    While celebrating the arrival of Mr. President at a rally in Ado-Ekiti on Monday, the APC highlighted the alleged vow by Mr. Fayose to commit suicide if the President returned to the country.
    Premium Times recalls that the “I will commit suicide” statement credited to Mr. Fayose, made the rounds in the social media on July 22, but was vehemently denied by the governor.
    The governor, a vocal critic of the president and his party, the APC, was quoted as saying, “I will commit suicide if Buhari comes back alive.”
    Mr. Fayose’s media aides had blamed the rumour on the handiwork of the Buhari propaganda machinery.
    Mr. Fayose’s Special Assistant on Public Communication and New Media, Lere Olayinka, had in his reaction, same day the quote emerged, debunked the statement.
    “Kindly disregard this statement, as it did not emanate from Governor Fayose,” he had said.
    “It is their usual way of shifting the people’s attention from the real question Nigerians are asking, as to the whereabouts of the President. At no time was such statement made by the governor.

  27. Buhari aside,there is NOTHING good about APC .
    What do you think?

  28. Once more thanks for the update