Finally, Bill Gates Starts Using Android, Says NO to iPhone

Microsoft founder and multiple billionaire Bill Gates has finally embraced Android OS as he has publicly announced that he now uses Android phone.

It's clear now that Bill Gates knew Windows phone are going into extinction and he has lost the fight to catch up with Android and Apple's iOS so he decides to join the Android bandwagons.

Yes, Bill Gates publicly admitted that he currently uses an Android phone and I am not surprised at least for now. But had it being he said this 2 years ago, it would have raised many eyeballs 👀 lol.

Here is the official video of the new Android Fanboy Fanman.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace, Gates revealed that he uses Windows-based PCs and has recently switched (presumably from a Windows Phone) to an Android phone.

But no, he hasn't entirely become a Google convert because his new phone has "a lot of Microsoft software." that was what he said. Maybe to give some Windows phone fans a little hope. It's well.

Meanwhile, he didn't specifically point or mention the particular Android phone he is now using but it seems to be any of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ as those devices are also sold in Microsoft stores.

When asked whether he will also use an iPhone, Bill Gates simply replied;

"So, no iPhone?" Wallace asked.

"No, no iPhone," Gates insisted.

To all the Windows phone wannabe and fanboys, sorry. That's life. Nothing is permanent. Lolz.


  1. Welcome to the Android world where the sky is our starting point

  2. As at the time I mentioned that I'm not a fans of iPhone some of my guys were not happy with my claim but am happy to see that Bill Gates has now officially joined us.

  3. Their things in Android that iPhone can't do!

  4. I just love this man.....anyway ur welcome on board

  5. Wizy please I need your help am using infinix hot note, since yesterday if I connect the charger it starts discharging or it might show the charging symbol but won't be charging ..... I also changed the charging port a month ago when it stopped charging fast....

  6. I love iphone same as android,well welcome to the world of android users Mr Gate

  7. Somebody that cannot even dab properly. With all his skills and technical know-how of coding, you would not be wrong in thinking he would understand the simple physics and techniques of dabbing. Yet he’s here, on live TV, being a traitor, a deserter, a snitch.
    What did he ever do for Windows phone?
    Ọgbẹni(Mr Gates)

  8. Finally he has join us,
    we are using Android phone together even if yours is greater than mine.