Latest Android 8 Oreo Update Start Now Available For OnePlus 3 Phones

Actually, this is sooner than expected. The latest Android 8 Oreo update is now being rolled out to OnePlus 3 closed beta group. The size of the update is about 800MB and it brings along the Android 8.0 Oreo.

Recall, just recently I posted about smartphones that will get the update and the major Android 8 Oreo features, however, it seems we will start getting the updates sooner than expected.

Meanwhile, this update is unsurprisingly, not stable - NFC isn't functional yet, WiFi is buggy, hotspot and Bluetooth is unstable, and so on. The Chinese company is aiming to roll out the stable build by mid-September.

Well, apart from the OnePlus 3, other phones from the branded expected to get the update are the OnePlus 3T and 5 closed beta groups. Time-frame for their respective stable builds is same as that of the OnePlus 3, which is mid-September.

Public betas are expected to arrive by the end of September.

The phone OnePlus 3 was once the most powerful phone in the world when it was launched in 2016 but was displaced shortly. It was one of the first smartphones to come with 6GB RAM.


  1. new phones everyday..anyway thank u fr the post

    1. Please don't get it twisted, this article is centered on Android 8 updates and not on any new phone.

  2. With the essence of rushing out with a buggy update?

    Can't they just relax
    provide a bugless update

    Anyways, thanks for the update