See How Much Frank Edoho of WWTBAM Earned As The Host

Recall in June this year, popular TV game show known as Who Want To Be A Millionaire was suspended but now the program is gearing up to come back to grace our TV screens. Unfortunately, Frank Edoho, the host won't be coming back again according to sources and reports I got.

So let's get a little bit inside the private life of the former host Frank. How much did Frank Edoho of WWTBAM earned during his days as the host of the educational and entertaining family TV game show? The university of Calabar graduate made a fortune in the 13 years he hosted the family reality game show.

His pay made him smile to the bank and also catapulted him to the league of millionaires.

It was revealed that he was paid a million naira monthly, making a total of N156 million for the 13 years he hosted the show.

Contrary to tales making the rounds that Frank Edoho demanded more money from the organisers of the show, my sources can authoritatively state that his exit was on mutual ground.

It's reported that Frank Edoho opted out because he wanted to move on to greater things already catching his fancy while WWTBAM was rested, hence his refusal to resume as the host of season 14.

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We also gathered that the organisers and Frank Edoho are still enjoying good rapport and he would part take in the process that would unveil a new host in no distant time
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Be it as it may, the contract with MTN for the TV reality game show really changed his social and financial status and made him more popular. I wish him more success in his future endeavors.


  1. I don't wanna talk about the cash cos that's part of his private life.

    I wish him more successful years ahead

  2. wizy thanks fr sharing this wonderful information with us....

  3. wizy but y did frank edoho quits and why did mtn stops the advert?

  4. wizy but y did frank edoho quits and why did mtn stops the advert?

  5. Omo, not to talk of other runs he will be doing, though someone should help me tell them that I will make a good host

  6. he really did well for himself and well for the show, we are going to miss him, we pray the new host take over the show to the next level

  7. 9mobile 60mb cheat has stopped wizy

  8. good information. I love the way he presented the show

  9. this is nice for him, 1m monthly is really a huge amount