Spectranet 4G Customer Loyalty Award - Win a Trip to Dubai or 1 Year Free Data

Spectranet 4G LTE Launches Customer Loyalty Programme that will reward winners with a Trip to Dubai or 1 Year Free data Subscription

I can see Spectranet has joined the trend of splashing freebies to customers. Remember other networks who are currently offering freebies and tempting promo are Airtel with their unlimited plan, double data, 9mobile free Youtube plan, 9Mobile 1GB for N200 special data, MTN double data offer and lot more. Meanwhile, we are expecting to see more of these promos and freebies from our the telecom companies as we are gradually entering December.

So talking about the Spectranet 4G Customer Loyalty program known as Spectranet awards, it is a program that rewards both new and existing users with incentives through the awarding of POINTS that can be accumulated and used to redeem gifts and cash discounts.


The customer that is able to accumulate the most reward points by 31st December, 2017 will win a trip to Dubai or if preferred will get a one year free subscription to Spectranets Unlimited Gold Plan.

However, you are required to register once for the scheme, then your points will be awarded automatically whenever you renew your subscription, upgrade or topped up. You also get POINT when you pay on time or pay online or introduce a friend.

Note you will be invited to register through a personalized email that will be sent out during the month of September 2017.


Once you have accumulated some points, you can redeem it in exchange for data bundles, Spectranet Mifi, branded mug or to credit an account.

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For doubters, the company provided a customer portal where you can check your accumulated points.


  1. This is a nice promo but it's not meant for people like me cos i don't have their network coverage in my area.

  2. Bro wizzy I just discovered that you can actually browse Facebook free with Facebook mobile lite with Airtel without data by click on the see photos at the right edge then close the app and clear background apps and relaunch the app then it will be displaying pictures for free but you can't stream videos.. I only tried it on my air tel sim

    1. Can someone else confirm this so that it could be made official in this blog

  3. well good for them o,,,, oga wizy otu tuoma. Daalu... Oo

  4. The promo is not bad,goodluck to any lucky winners

  5. Thanks for update bro wizy,really Appreciate

  6. Woa!!!this is a nice promo..
    now m going to share it to my beloved ones,but I know its not an easy task...God help me

  7. My concern is not with this promo but rather its on how this ISP can extend their network connectivity to all parts of the country

  8. My concern is not with this promo but rather its on how this ISP can extend their network connectivity to all parts of the country

  9. Damn if I can just get the unlimited data plan for that one year. Spectranet will regret giving out the one year data plan

  10. Their network have not even Circular the Nation