Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TSTV Decoder Price, Channels, Subscription, Dish and Coverage Areas

Hello guys, a new cable TV is here in Nigeria to battle with DSTV and it's called TSTV. It will surely be a direct alternative to DSTV at a cheaper price. So I can sense the end of MultiChoice monopoly in the business in Nigeria if TSTV maintains their promises. So this post is about the new TSTV Decoder price, dish, full channel list, coverage areas, launch and availability as well as other information you need to know about this pay TV in Nigeria.
TSTV stands for "Telcom Satelite TV", it's a Pay-As-You-Consume TV provider in Nigeria, operated by ABS and Telcom Satellites TV. TStv is a DTH pay TV that offers a rich blend of local and international channels and packages for your Entertainment, News, Sports, Kids, Health etc and will be distributed on the ABS 3A Africa beam, located at 3 degrees west.

The technology is the HBB TV tech, HBB is a combination of satellite and internet service for TV service, TSTv will run on 4.5g network every subscriber will get 20gig of data for 3k monthly, the data can also be used for video calls and wifi.


1. How much is TSTV decoder and what are its features?
TSTV Decoder + Dish cost N5000. The TSTV Decoder Offers 200+ Channels but will start with 100+ channels, FREE 20GB Data, Video Calls, Pause Subscription, Record & Playback Feature And More

2. How Much is TSTV Subscription Fee?
TSTV Subscription Fee ranges from N200, N500, N1000, N1500 and N3000. Note that with TSTV, you don't need to pay subscription monthly or periodically. You pay as you consume.

3. Where are TSTV Service Locations?
TStv Africa will function in ALL states in Nigeria but will launch first in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Owerri and Kano.

4. When is the Official Launch Date of TSTV?
TSTV will be officially launched on the 1st of October 2017.

5. What Channels can I Watch on TSTv?
TSTv shows Live Sports like Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and so much more. Some Sport Channels on TSTV Africa are bein Sport 1-10, Fox Sport HD, and Ts Sports.
Some of Entertainment Channels on TSTV are E entertainment, Tele Novela, Fox, MBC 4.

Below is the Full list of channels on TSTV in pictures;
TStv sports channels
TSts news and documentary channels
TStv kids entertainment channels
tstv movie channels
culture channels

  • Star Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • Euro Sports News
  • Euro Sports 2
  • Kwese Free Sports
  • Kwese ESPN
  • MS Extreme
  • bein Sports MAX 4HD
  • bein Sports 3HD
  • bein Sports Global
  • bein Sports MAX (bein Sports 1-10)
  • TS Sports 4 HD
  • TS Sports 2
  • TS Sports 3
  • Yolo Sports HD

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  • Trace Urban/Africa
  • MTV Base
  • TLC (HD)
See Full Channel List in this article


No doubt, DSTV has served Nigerians for a very long period of time but here is the time to think twice. DSTV, according to many customers has ripped off people in many ways but TSTV is a cheaper alternative that also offers a whole lot of channels.

DSTV shows live English Premier League matches same as TSTV. You can so enjoy Live La Liga and Champions League matches on TSTV.

Now the big deal, you can pause your subscription and you can connect your laptop and phones to the wifi and enjoy 20GB data to browse and download your favorite files with TSTV Decoder.

It's very affordable and the subscription price starts as low as N200. Chai! I wish they maintain all these mouthwatering promises. If they do, then it's a bad business to MultiChoice and other network providers in Nigeria as many people will now rely on the wifi instead of the usual monthly subscription from MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile etc.

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TSTV operate on a different platform, multichoice only have rights over satelitte channel not telecom broadcast, the technology that will be used by Tstv according to some is hbb, which hybrid or fusion of satelitte and telcom to view television, I believe channels like bein sports that will broadcast the football leagues will be on the telecom site as such dstv has no right over them.


TStv Africa decoder shall be on sell nationwide from 1st October. But before then, dealers outlet location addresses shall be made available for easy accessibility of the decoders. You can buy the decoder and dish in Lagos, Owerri, Abuja, Portharcourt and Kano for now. It's expected to be available in other states and cit6as time goes on.

More details can be gotten at their official site and from their Facebook page

If you will like to become a dealer or installer - Click Here to register.

What do you think about TSTV in Nigeria?


  1. if their service is flawless,I'll back up my DSTV decoder...nice one

    1. I have been following their trend of events and I'm hoping that they won't disappoint us this time.

      They had promised laughing their services before the October date but nothing came up

    2. Dstv are cheaters..so don't trust them

  2. if their service is flawless,I'll back up my DSTV decoder...dstv has been took greedy ,nice one

  3. I love this but wizzy I need you to explain the term "pay as you consume" so let me not go and buy this and start regretting later...

    1. What this simply means is that you will only pay for what you consume. Your one month subscription can take you from now till December depending on your usage.

  4. Wizy what do you mean by "pay as you consume" before I make a mistake by buying something else....

    1. It means your subscription is based on what you watch.
      Assuming you don't have power supply in ur area during the time you subscribed, you won't be charged. You are only charged when u use the decoder. Just like your airtime, it will remain intact until u make calls with it

  5. if tstv promises is true, mobile telecommunication
    data cost will be reduce ..like 500-1.5gb valid fr 1month...
    and fr the multi choice
    gotv and dstv are thieves.. I prefer star times..let see wat this tstv has..either its good or bad.m waiting patiently

  6. wizy who owns the tstv company..is it a Nigerian man or who

  7. wizy who owns the tstv company..is it a Nigerian man or who?

    1. What's the essence of dropping same questions over and over again?

      This is stealing by trick

  8. wizy who owns the tstv company..is it a Nigerian man or who?

  9. wizy who owns the tstv company..is it a Nigerian man or who?

  10. and fr the movie channel...I thought there will be m,zone ..all is well
    let wait till 1st of October
    .thanks boss

  11. wizy who owns tstv company.
    a Nigerian man or who?

    1. It is owned by young man from Igbo speaking states in Nigeria

  12. The best of the best, if their promised come to pass. Waiting mood activated!!!

  13. Satellite TV installation is one of my hobbies and lemme also use this opportunity to invite you to our TSTVAFRICA Telegram group where we have over 550 members and still counting.

  14. Please note that the video call only works when you use your TSTV decoder to call a co user of TSTV decoder.

  15. The 20gb can also be used via the inbuilt WiFi to do other things which we are not gonna mentioned them here.

  16. @paul asuquo thanks fr replying... its very nice fr a Nigerian man to have it...so that we re not going to be cheated

    1. No one is cheating anyone here because both parties are simply maximizing profit, this is exploitation

  17. @paul asuquo thank u fr dropping DAT link...have already join

    1. You are welcome. You can start learning more about satellite TV from that group

  18. @paul asuquo who owns the telegram group..Is it u or the company?

  19. wow its a very welcome development, anticipating for when it will be launch in b/c

  20. TStv pay as you consume is a very nice one from them. I wonder how it will be done

  21. TSTV will be cheaper from what am seeing here

  22. Hope it will not be like glo their have cheap data but poor service

    1. Your comment has made me laugh when i didn't want to laugh. They will be operating on 4.5g and their satellite will be received from all parts of the country, imagine the speed my brother.

  23. If their keep to their promised TSTV will be the best

  24. Nice one. My question is, how long will it take them to spread their net around the whole country seeing that they have take off points?

  25. Nice one. My question is, how long will it take them to spread their net around the whole country seeing that they have take off points?

    1. Spreading their net is not an issue please.

      Kindly join our Telegram group for more details

  26. Can one residing in Minna buy the decoder in Lagos, install in Minna and receive signals immediately after.

  27. End road for DSTV in Nigeria. thanks to TSTV

  28. good news and a welcome development for Nigeria.but those with marketing intentions to help spread TSTV around the whole country especially with the geographical jurisdiction of Middle belt region and Benue state in particular how and what do we do to get in touch with the marketing unit my contact is 07065600087
    email sosobumkeng@gmail.com
    thanks in anticipation.

  29. Hmmmmm. I can feel the excitement in our people's comments who have had a terrible time with the already existing ones. This is definitely good news! I just hope they keep to the terms expressed here. Also, how much do I need to have to be able to become a sub-dealer or retailer?

  30. Enter your comment...When will it be available in Edo and Delta States

  31. Enter your comment...ok I wonder why people don't ask on what rate the subscription will be deducted for example 3000 sub and 10hours of watching per day within a week all the sub will be exhausted. plz tell rate the subscription will be deducted before I buy it

  32. Wow this is unbelievable, finally the real competition has arrived for DSTV, First of all i think this new TSTV might really succeed if well managed and if they have a well structured strategy especially in a pay tv market that is already dominated by multi-choice (DSTV),

    I'm definetly buying this TSTV asap before price goes up because of demand, their price is just on point and extra data on top is just confirm jara, what else could we possibly ask for.

    Multichoice own GOTV meaning multi-choice literally has a huge market share of both upper & middle class users,

    So i think Tstv strategy is just well thought out, Everybody brace yourself because pay tv is about to become like mobile phone network competition, and when there is competition the users enjoy more because of options,

    also i have to say this new company going with the name TSTV is just not a good idea, i mean if you say TSTV to 10 people 9 out of 10 will think you are talking about DSTV... Anyways i wish them luck, because they will absolutely need it.

  33. are we watching it with the 20gig or the 20gig has nothing to do with watching TV station? please explain more about the 20 gig and the amount of hours allocated to each subscription.

    1. Hi Emma, according to TStv, the 20GB data is an added bomus subscribers will use to browse via Wi-Fi.

      So it's not what you will use to watch TV channels.

      See more information about TSTV channels and usage here