10 Reasons Why Telegram is Better Than WhatsApp

Hello everyone, the battle between popular WhatsApp and not-so-popular Telegram seems not to decrease as both instant messaging (IM) chatting platforms continues releasing updates to be beat the other. However, Telegram still has the upper hand in all ramifications. Recall in 2015, I wrote about 8 reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp, now am back again with more facts and features that shows how WhatsApp is no match to what Telegram offers.
Telegram vs whatsapp
Telegram Vs WhatsApp
Though, personally, I installed Telegram some years back and uninstalled it not because i didn't like it but because many people weren't using it then but now, it's getting popular and people are seeing the reason to have it on their phone, I installed it back and guess what, there are more features especially when it comes to groups and its management. Just follow me along as I show you some of the features you can enjoy on Telegram that WhatsApp don't have.


1. Up To 30,000 Group Members (SuperGroup):
In normal Telegram groups, you could only have 200 members and initially supergroups let you have up to 1000 members. Later on, Telegram decided to extend further the membership limit of a supergroup to 5000 which sounded insane but it was later doubled to 10,000 but now, Supergroups accommodates a massive 30,000 members in a single group. This can be the size of a small town. Once the members in your group reaches 200, Telegram will suggest you upgrade to SuperGroup which allows you have more members at no cost. Remember WhatsApp only accommodates about 256 members in a group. See the wide margin.

2. Search Tool for Locating Group Members
Telegram understands that managing a huge group could be hectic so they made available some tools that will help make it easier and one of those tools is the "member search tool".
First, admins and users can use search to find specific users among them. In a supergroup that can potentially have 30,000 members, you may not have the patience to go through the drop down list to find someone as it's done on whatsapp.
Search telegram members
3. Ability To Give Specific Roles To Admins
Also, creators can give specific sets of privileges to admins to help run the community. You can let them change group info, delete messages, ban users, pin messages or add other admins. Unlike whatsapp where once you make someone an Admin, he has the total rights and privileges as the group creator. He can even remove the creator. That's a big flaw from Whatsapp.
Telegram admins

Telegram admin role
4. Partial Banning of a Member
Admins will also give partial bans to members from their supergroups without necessarily completely banning them. You can limit them to such activities like reading or sending messages and not letting them sending media or links, which is great! You can even use admin bots to impose temporary or permanent bans based on actions by members which means admins can have bot police. But on whatsapp, you only have a "total ban" option which removes the member entirely from the group.

5. Recent Actions Section
Since these supergroups can have multiple admin, there is a need to have a way to know who did what in the group. That is why Telegram added a “recent actions” section to the admins page which has a log of all actions taken in the group in the last 48 hours and it is visible to admins only.

6. More Interactive Emojis
Telegram boasts of more interactive emojis way better than what's available on whatsapp. It makes chats more fun and interesting (but don't use it much if you are managing your data). It can zap your little MB.


Apart from group features, there are other cool stuffs available on Telegram to keep you up to date and engaged thereby killing boredom even if you don't have anyone to chat with.


7. Telegram Channels
There are many channels on Telegram with tens of thousands of participants. Each channel updates you with their topic of interests. For instance, i get some interesting facts from channels like Google facts, Facts Fever Channels etc.

8. Availability of Useful Bots
There are bots like Growthbot, a chatbot that helps you grow your business.

9. Ability To Send Any File 📂
Telegram allows you to send or share any type of file including .apk (Android apps) to group members or via personal chat with someone. Although this feature is available on WhatsApp Mod apps like GBWhatsapp but not yet available on the official app as there are still file formats restricted.

10. You Can Hide Your Phone Number
Unlike in Whatsapp where everybody can just see your phone number and copy it, with Telegram, your privacy is completely secured as you can replace your phone number with the username selection option so that only those you wish can have your phone number will have it. It is so annoying to be receiving irrelevant calls from people on a group with you on Whatsapp and there is no way to make your number invisible to this type of people on Whatsapp but it is not like that on telegram.

Before i forget, Telegram also has a built-in web browser that looks like chrome and it loads pages faster than some popular browsers when you click on link sharef on Telegram. This os not available on whatsapp. For now, WhatsApp makes use of separate browser on your phone to open links.

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Recall on Android, Telegram 4.1 introduced Android Pay support for Bot Payments and improved photo and video selection.

So why are you not yet using Telegram? It's time to download and have a feel of this awesome app which is way better than whatsapp. It only needs more publicity.

Are you using Telegram? What is/are your best features on Telegram?


  1. I have been using this telegram app for a while now and I love every aspect of it.

  2. I'm of the opinion that WhatsApp will get there some day.

  3. Personally, I think Telegram isbetterthan WhatsApp.
    Now, this is supposed to be mypersonal opinionbased on my usage of both the Instant Messaging applications.
    The choice here is purely personal and according to what you think is the better choice for you.
    So, I would just put forth a brief idea about the features of Telegram and how it stacks against WhatsApp, the most popular IM out there.

  4. However, there are certain features like Voice Calling and Video Calling on WhatsApp which trump out Telegram. The reason is simple, WhatsApp had enough time to develop and improve their application, Telegram is new and just launched it's voice calling feature.

  5. The no. 1 reason for me to support and help launch Telegram was to build a means of communication that can’t be accessed by the Russian security agencies. – Pavel Durov, Co-founder.

  6. Wow this is cool,
    it sure have nice feature

  7. I will still explore more features of this much talked about Telegram.

  8. I know telegram will beat what'sapp wen it comes with features. while whatsapp will defeat it wen it comes to who uses whatsapp the most

  9. still, whatsapp need to improve on increasing the group members capacity from 256-500,what'sapp doesn't have channel. telgram has.

  10. in Nigeria most of our users aren't active on telegram because our network don't have social bundle for telegram. it seems they work with whatsapp hand to hand ☺☺☺☺

  11. I designed ma theme on telegram... anyone who needs it can ping me...
    it will be send to u nd how to design it

  12. Whatsapp work on java and Android phones so people like.

  13. Telegram work on PCs and Android, not every body have the money to buy it.