7 Facts You Don't Know About Bright Echefu, the MD/CEO of TStv Africa

Do you know that the CEO of TStv is a Nigerian? Do you know is hails from Imo State? Do you know he is a very young man? Here is the full biography and profile of Bright Echefu, the MD/CEO of TStv .
Bright Echefu tstv
Dr. Bright Echefu CEO TStv
1. Dr. Bright Echefu was at the Medical college of university of Nigeria Nsukka from where he left to pursue further studies abroad.
2. He hails from Obowo in IMO state

3. He is the MD/CEO of Bricke and Athens limited owners of AHTV-Heath Television.

4. He is the chairman of Bright FM.

5. He is also on the board of Bright joy multiveventurs limited.

6. Dr. Echefu is MD/CEO of TSTV

7. He is newly married.
Bright echefu
Young Bright Echefu
Profile of Bright Echefu Ikechukwu, the Owner of TSTV Africa. See Full Bio below.

Who is Bright Echefu Ikechukwu?

Echefu Bright Ikechukwu is the MD/CEO of TSTV, Bricke and Athens Limited owners of AHTV- Health Television.

Bright is also the chairman of Briechberg Investment Limited, who are the owners of Bright FM. Bright Echefu also seat in the board of Bright Joy Multiventures Limited.

He is the MD & CEO: AHTV-Health Television, from November 2014 – Present.

Early Life / Childhood

Bright Echefu Ikechukwu is a Native of Obowo town in Imo state, South Eastern Nigeria.


Bright Echefu studied Medicine at the Medical college of University of Nigeria Nsukka from where he left to pursue further studies abroad

He is a medical doctor by profession and a Biomedical Engineer by practice.


Echefu Bright Ikechukwu was the Executive Director, New World Foundation and the Program Coordinator, New World Summit on Infectious Diseases (NWSID 2009).
Dr. Bright Echefu with foreign counterparts
Awards / Achievements

Echefu Bright is a recipient of many awards including the 3rd African Young Scientist Award in South Africa, Youngest Physician Award of Excellence, World Who is Who Endorsement and twenty two others.

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He belongs to many professional organizations including, the Nigerian Biotechnology Society, Nigerian Society of Genetic Engineers, Global Youth Coalition on AIDS, UN Volunteers, Unicef Voices of the Youths, Thw World Parliament Experiment, the Nigeria Medical Association and so on. Ref: mynaijainfo.

As you can see, he is a very young Nigerian entrepreneur. Let's support him in all capacity and believe he lives up to the expectations of Nigerians. Let's patronize made in Nigeria products at least starting with TStv.


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