Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Apple Buys Wireless Charging Company PowerbyProxi

Apple has acquired PowerbyProxi, a company that makes wireless charging devices. Remember the recently released iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X comes with wireless charging technology and now the Cupertino company has acquired a New Zealand company named PowerbyProxi that specializes in designing wireless power products for consumers and industry.

Though Apple left it late to join the wireless technology trends as Android already boast of phones with wireless charging like Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG G6, Moto Z Play and so on. But I believe this acquisition is expected to bring more wireless products with the Apple logo, including a large pad that can support up to 150 watts through non-metallic material.

According to Jake Saunders of ABI Research, consumers will get attracted to multi-device chargers, instead of the conventional single-device pads. This means an Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPod charging case batteries could be topped up at the same time.

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The company in question PowerbyProxi was founded recently in 2007 after Samsung invested $4 million in the company in 2013. Now it will “continue its growth in Auckland and contribute to the great innovation in wireless charging”, according to a statement from the company founder and CEO Fady Mishriki.
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  1. Android users have been flexing with this feature for a very long time now but iPhone is now making it look like a big deal.

  2. Apple is using the open Qi standard. Try again though... Hope you'll be able to afford an Apple product soon. Work hard.

  3. Another Apple technology that is similar to rivals' but isn't compatible and not open standard.

  4. funny sha.. Not a big deal tho.. But money is talking ego is doing the talking...

  5. i like wat apple are doing nowadays...thumbs up to them ✌✌

  6. Apple is doing nothing that android hasn't done before.

    Too many hypes about iPhone

  7. Looking apple wid one kin eye,like Paul said Android has pass dis level so why making dis look new,anyway not mah business o

  8. Aah Aah.
    this Apple has a lot of money...
    I feel like working with these guys..

  9. Too much buzzing and hyping of apple products