Best Cell Phone Spy Software for iPhone and Android Review

Best Cell Phone Spy Software for iPhone and Android Review
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Have you ever wondered why monitoring a cell phone can be so difficult? Maybe it’s because most of the apps and tools are too complicated and overwhelming for an average user.

Xnspy, the best Android spy software, is fixing this by giving users simple and personalized experience to monitor smartphones. The app has been there for some years now and has been used by many users. The best cell phone spy software is also available for iPhone users.

This app for smartphones can also help people understand the value of limits in a digital world while also preventing them from accessing potentially dangerous online content.

What Criteria did we use to evaluate?

For this review, we have emphasized not only on the tracking activities but also on how easy it is setting up filters and limits using the app. Check this out:

Compatibility: We looked into the compatibility of the spy app with two vastly used smartphone operating software worldwide i.e. android and iOS.

Installation: How easy it is to install and set up the app on both Android and iPhone.

Text management: With the smartphone users doing most of their communication through text messages, we analyzed the features for monitoring messaging. Does the app allow you to review the content of the target phone’s text? Can you restrict the usage of a particular messaging app?

Location Tracking: Does the app keep a log of where your target person has been and more importantly, does it give you the ability to locate the target person in an emergency?
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App Management: Since most of the time spent on the smartphone is within an app, does the app allow to review all the apps on the target device and limit or block their usage?

Price: How much will the monitoring cost annually and monthly? How many devices can you control?

Compatibility: Most of the people around the world use either an Android or an iPhone. Xnspy can be used on both of these platforms. It supports all the latest versions of Android as well as iOS.

This compatibility of the app with the latest software versions increases its reliability. The app is currently available in the following versions of Android and iOS:

  • Android OS Versions 4.x up to 7.0
  • iPhone Jailbreak Version 6.x up to 9.0.2
  • iPhone No Jailbreak Version 6.x up to 11.0.3

Installation: I'm going to start with the basics. How a monitoring app works can be complex for some; but Xnspy is quite simple to use. To monitor iOS devices, you would just need their iCloud credentials to monitor.  For Android users, a physical download is required on the target device.

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Features and Functionality

Text Management: Xnspy best Android spy software gives you control over multiple features on a smartphone. Although you won’t be able to monitor every aspect of how the monitored person uses the smartphone, but with its comprehensive text management feature, you have enough control over the target device to be able to track almost every conversation. Following are some of its text monitoring functions:

  1. Text messages: You have the access to the inbox of the target phone. With the text monitoring feature, you can see all the received and sent text messages in the inbox. Along with the messages, you are provided with their time stamps and the contacts on which they were sent.
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  1. iMessages: For iPhone users, this feature is a notch above the rest as the iPhone boasts about its privacy and security protocols. The text monitoring feature enables you to see all the text messages in your iPhone inbox with all the necessary information.
  2. Instant Messenger Chats: Instant messengers are cheap and faster way of communication. They are used more now than the conventional SMS. This best cell phone spy software allows you to monitor some of the most popular IMs available on the app store. They include Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line and more. Monitor their chats and even group chats through your app account.   

Location Tracking: The location tracking capabilities of the Xnspy may be one of the best yet again. It has multiple controls to monitor the location of any person. Some of the highlights are:

  1. Geo-Fencing: This feature allows you to set virtual monitoring boundaries in a certain geographic area. Whenever the target person enters any such area or leaves it, you are informed through notifications on your device.
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  1. Locations Logs: If you are a busy person and cannot track the target all day around, this option will inform you about the location details of the target phone. Xnspy app provides the day-long location details of the person in the form of location logs.
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  1. Live Location Monitoring: This real-time monitoring tool will tell you the location of the people and what paths they take to navigate. You can track your employees and your kids anytime with this feature. Though the location lacks pinpoint accuracy, it still manages to give a real account of the location.

App Management:

When you install this app, it automatically starts to upload the data from the target phone. Like any other best cell phone spy software, Xnspy requires an internet connection to retrieve and send information. Through the app, you can see all the installed apps on the mobile phone. Using the remote features of the software you can block certain apps. This will help you limit the screen time of your kids. But what if they are not willing to stop streaming YouTube videos on the phone? You can remotely lock the device if you feel it is best for your kids. With the “Watchlist” feature of the app, it becomes easier to manage the data and the app subsequently. This allows you to maintain separate lists for specific words, locations, and contacts. The app will monitor all the specific details you wish to monitor through its ‘Watchlist’ feature.
Unlike most mobile apps, this best Android spy software does not have a physical version that you can pick up from the app store. It's entirely invisible and operates in the stealth mode.

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Price: Like most of the specialized smartphone apps, XNSPY does not offer any trial period, but they do have a demo available on their website.

XNSPY’s best cell phone spy software for smartphones comes in two different packages.
  • Basic Edition
  • XNSPY Premium Edition

The packages have a number of differences in their features. If the user wants the regular features then he must go for the Basic edition. But for the advanced features, you will need to subscribe their Premium program.

Below is the latest price chart for Android and iOS smartphones.

(Android & iOS)
(Android & iOS)
$99.99  ($8.33/month)
$149.99 ($12.49/month)
$69.99 ($23.33/month)
$99.99 ($33.33/month)
$49.99 per month
$59.99 per month

The price is highly competitive as compared to its market competitors. And it is a good value for money considering the array of features one acquires after purchasing the app. The website also offers random discounts.

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There is no single app that promises to do the wonders. XNSPY has its downsides but according to the criteria we selected for reviewing, Xnspy delivers in most of the areas. Based on our benchmark tests, this is the best android spy software available for download these days.


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