DSTV Partners Telkom to Introduce Free 30GB Internet Based Subscription Model

MultiChoice partners Telkom to introduce free internet based subscription model on DSTV which gives subscribers 30GB worth of data preloaded in a Mifi router. As you can see, the fear of TStv is the beginning of wisdom. Ever since TStv started trending with their mind blowing offers, other pay TV networks has being revisiting their plans and adding new offers.
Dstv free data
TStv is the first Pay TV network in Nigeria to introduce Internet-based pricing model and it's expected to fully go into commercial sale in November 1, 2017. The masses has accepted them with both hands and are eagerly anticipating get have the decoder in their houses as we can see from comments online.

The threats posed by TStv has caused panic for other competitors as GOtv introduced GOtv Max, Startimes introduced daily and weekly subscription models while Kwesé TV launched with pay per view subscription modes within the period under consideration. This is exactly what makes market interesting. Competition is in the Satellite 📡 TV business is what we have craved for many years and now, it's becoming a reality.

Having said this, Africa’s leading pay-tv provider, MultiChoice thought it wise to introduce free internet based subscription model to the market, hence partnered with Telkom to offer a combined entertainment and Internet service to subscribers at an affordable cost.

In reference to the advert dubbed 'DSTV Na Net', customers purchasing a full DSTV HD decoder will get a free Mifi-router preloaded with 30GB Data from Telkom. This data can be used via WiFi Tethering so you can even connect your mobile devices like phones or your laptop.

According to M.D MultiChoice Kenya,
“We understand that Internet has become a basic necessity for doing business and interacting with other people socially. That is why this partnership with Telkom is an important step towards improving our customer experience.”

For now, this service is only available in Kenya but it will hopefully get to other African country soon especially Nigeria where MultiChoice has big market presence. via

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Meanwhile, I can wait to get my TSTV 20GB free Data. Let's just hope they keep to their promises. Things are getting better now.


  1. Blood of ebuka?????? This is a shocking o

  2. Haha this is wonderful, well even if dem make am 100Gb dem dey fear Tstv thats all

  3. I really love this competition, if Tstv surely keep to their promises, there is nothing to be afraid of they will surely survive despite the odds right now...
    Here are some of the reasons why nigerians will still go for Tstv no matter what Dstv is trying to put on ground to probably knock Tstv out.

  4. 1 Tstv was the first to introduce the pay as you view option.
    2 Tstv was the first to introduce the free data and internet stuffs.
    3 Tstv is an indigenous service provider
    4 Tstv is said to offer cheaper subscription packages.
    5 Tstv has acquired the right to airing live matches which almost all Nigerian men wants.
    6 Dstv has milked Nigerians for too long.
    7 Dstv might offer the data but you may not be able to enjoy it, almost like mtn that will offer you some free packages but you will have headache trying to use the free offer.
    That's all can say for now.
    Critics over to you

    1. Yes am here as a critique.

      TSTV hasn't started its commercial operation so it's wrong to say that they are the first to introduce so so feature.

      Those are mere promises which they are yet to fulfill.

      Let's wait till November 1st.

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

  6. TSTVAFRICA has really opened the way for more serious competitions.

    Kenyans will be flexing this first before we Nigerians.

  7. Is this really happening?
    Dstv waking up from their greedy sleep,hmmm thanks to tstv for kicking up the competition

  8. Mr Paul ur critic is so right but let it be clear to you that someone wouldn't rival ur threat if they are sure you can't deliver. Dstv waking up from their greedy sleep(sir mike) by offering this free data sure means TSTV will deliver their promise

    1. Your points are well noted my brother but you will agree with me that everything about TSTV is done on coding levels.

      Let's wait till November 1st before we draw conclusions.

  9. @jossy i stand for your back,their grammar and claims are too much o

    i don't know if they are the owners of this mentioned companies

    lol just saying my mind

  10. the competition make sense oh... atleast data cost will reduce

  11. you buy a hd decoder before u can u can be given the 30gb... its a nonsense package.. those dstv people are cheaters nd are ready to do anything to stop tstv but they cant

  12. you buy a hd decoder before u can u can be given the 30gb... its a nonsense package.. those dstv people are cheaters nd are ready to do anything to stop tstv but they cant

  13. the only things dstv is doing is copying other's people work.. lets wait nd see... i rep nov 1

  14. and u know in tstv data is cheao.. its cost 300-1gb. so this dstv 30,gb is nonsense...