Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Finally, Windows Phone is Dead - Microsoft Confirms

After all the pressure and perseverance, Microsoft has confirmed that windows mobile phones will be discontinued.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has revealed that the software giant is no longer developing new features or hardware for Windows 10 Mobile via some tweets on Twitter hours ago.

While Windows Phone fans had hoped Microsoft would update the platform with new features, it’s now clear the operating system has been placed into servicing mode, with just bug fixes and security updates for existing users. the verge

“Of course we'll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates,” says Belfiore. “But building new features/hw aren't the focus.” During the recent Windows 10 Fall Creators Update development phase, it has been obvious Microsoft is no longer working on the mobile experience. The software maker branched its development process into “feature2,” leaving Windows Phone fans disappointed.

Belfiore also admits he switched to Android, just like Bill Gates, and that Microsoft will support Windows 10 customers who want to use Android and iOS on their phones. One of the big reasons Microsoft is giving up on Windows Phone is because developers never backed the platform.

Microsoft said the demand for Windows phone were to low that they couldn't continue.
What do you think?


  1. Windows Phone was always a bad idea, if you ask me.

  2. So finally they don close shop? Choi

  3. They could have nailed it then, but they decided to do some else. It could have been a game changer. MICROSOFT has FAILED those who believed in the WINDOWS MOBILE DREAM. What they SETTLED for was a LACKLUSTER low end PHONE. NOW, They have GIVEN UP.

  4. Well, it won’t change their fortunes , the struggle is between Android, iOS and maybe some new os in the future.

  5. so na now d phone die,

    abeg day no Go comot door phone

  6. Blackberry never give up so i dont we the reason u have to give up

  7. Two giants are still dominating the world and that's Android and iOS.

    Who is gonna take them out?

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  9. This was already dead long time ago