Full List of Kwesé TV Channels, Decoder and Subscription Price, Installation

Kwesé TV is live in Nigeria and here comes the full list of Channels available as well as the decoder and subscription prices.
The new Pay-TV is a Zimbabwean satellite and broadcasting network owned by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, under Econet Media. The owner is from Zimbabwe and goes by the name Strive Masiyiwa.
Kwese TV Decoder price
As for the price of Kwesé Decoder and dish in Nigeria, it goes for N10,960 which includes free installation service. Available channels ranges from premium entertainment, News, Sports, Lifestyle, Business, Faith etc. Kwese TV shows LIVE Premier League matches according to the information on their official website. Complete channels guide is listed below.



  1. Kwesé Info
  2. FTA – National broadcaster
  3. NTA International (Coming Soon)
  4. FTA – KFS
  5. Kwesé Free Sport
  6. Kwesé Free Sport Nigeria (Coming Soon)


  1. Kwesé Prime
  2. Kwesé Stories
  3. Kwesé Movies 1
  4. Kwesé Movies 2
  5. Kwesé Movies 3
  6. AMC
  7. Viceland
  8. Passion
  9. African Movie Channel Series
  10. Zee BollyNova
  11. Zee Bollymovies
  12. African Movie Channel
  13. True Series & Movies
  14. CBS Reality
  15. E! Entertainment (Coming Soon)


  1. Kwesé Sport1
  2. Kwesé Sport2
  3. ESPN
  4. NBA
  5. Liverpool TV
  6. E Sport TV


  1. Kwesé Know
  2. Kwesé Inc.
  3. Odisseia
  4. DTX
  5. Animal Planet
  6. Discovery Science
  7. iDX
  8. Travel Channel
  9. FLN
  10. Fashion One


  1. Kwese Kids
  2. Dreamworks
  3. Toonami
  4. Cartoon Network
  5. Boomerang
  6. POP
  7. CBeeBies (Coming Soon)
  8. JimJam


  1. Revolt
  2. HIP TV (Coming Soon)
  3. Trace Africa
  4. Trace Mziki
  5. Trace Gospel
  6. Box Africa


  1. CNN
  2. BBC World News
  3. Sky News
  4. TVC News
  5. AfricaNews
  6. Al Jazeera
  7. Bloomberg
  8. CNBC
  9. France 24
  10. DW


  1. Dove TV
  2. Hillsong
  3. EWTN
  4. FLOW TV
  5. ITV

Kwese TV Channels
Channels on Kwese TV Nigeria

Note there are free to air channels such as Africa News, Flow TV, NTA, Islam TV and Kwese sports. You can equally check more information about Kwesé TV in Nigeria as well as subscription prices.

I will still opt for TStv decoder if they will truly fulfill their promises. They are unbeatable for now.


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  4. Another area of my specialty is posted here for our consumption.

    These are the tracking parameters for this bird and whosoever that wants to track it should use the listed codes.

    SATELLITE Eutelsat 7B POSITION 7 Degrees East

    TRANSPONDER 10720.75 MHZ

    Horizontal down LNB 970.75MHz MODULATION 8 PSK FEC 2/3

    SYMBOL RATE 30Mbaud

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  5. All prospective buyers of the said satellite should please activate it first at the office before taking it home.

    There is special code needed for the activation.

  6. One of my chats with their agents sometimes ago.

    "The dealer where the customer bought the decoder need to send us the customer details for the registration and after customer register on our system and the technite will be assign to do the installation and do the activation. "

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  9. hello paul, please is nigcomsat still funtioning.and also how can i get nigeria local stations with qsat. bcos it scramble at mytv and consat poaition