How to Find/See Over 23,000 Hidden Genres on Netflix

Netflix is a platform where you instantly watch video content from Netflix through any Internet-connected device that offers the Netflix app, including smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media players, smartphones, or tablets. There are lots of TV shows, movie series and lots more on Netflix but unfortunately, there are some Genres that are hidden from you. So this post reveals the trick on how to see, find or locate all the hidden genres and categories on Netflix. But if the videos you get on your feed is okay by you, this post is actually not for you then.

Similar to YouTube, Netflix tailors the videos that appears on your feed according to your search queries. Here you will get to know some of these hidden categories on Netflix and how to be seeing them on your video feed. This ranges from a bunch of movie, documentary and TV shows. Check them out below:

✔️ Golden French award-winning feel-good romantic movies
✔️ Movies starring Angelina Jolie
✔️ Absurd French-language comedy
✔️ Visually striking violent Hong Kong movies

So if you have being looking for a way to browse through categories on Netflix without stress using a particular website, there is a website that actually digs out hidden categories seamlessly for you. Could you believe there are over 23,000 genres of Netflix?.

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1. Go to

2. Scroll to where you will see “Please wait…loading genre list”

3. The list is really a big one, so we recommend you wait for some time for it to load.

4. After loading is complete, you can now get what you want

Now you know how to see all the genres and categories on Netflix. Enjoy and remember to SHARE.


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