Saturday, October 28, 2017

It Will Cost You $279 (N100,440) to Repair iPhone X Screen if it Breaks

The Apple's iPhone X also known as iPhone 10 is currently the brands most prestigious flagship crooner. The smartphone is available for pre-order at the price of $999 (N369,640) and shipping of the phone takes up to 5 weeks to get to your destination at least for now.

However, Apple had just revealed a shocking analysis of iPhone X repair prices. The company published its flat-fee pricing for units that aren't covered by AppleCare+, and it turns out that if you know you're clumsy you probably shouldn't skip that.

If the screen of your iPhone X damages or develops fault, it will cost you $279 which is about N100,440 in Nigerian Naira. While for other damage you will pay $549 (about N197,640) to have it fixed.

Now when comparing this to what was set aside for other Apple devices, we have $169 and $399 for the iPhone 8 Plus (which starts sales at about $799), and $149 and $349 for the iPhone 8 (which starts at $699). So the repair pricing is pretty much in line with each handset's pricing as you can see from the stats.

Meanwhile, if you pay $199 for AppleCare+ on top of the $999 for your iPhone X, then you will spend just $29 for a screen repair and $99 for other damages.

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Well, before you get scared, please this repair prices is exclusively for those in the United States so it may defer in other parts of the world.
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  1. I have been laughing ever since i came across this post.

    Abeg wetin concern bicycle with filling station?

    NAME who iPhone epp?

  2. like i earlier said on Facebook.
    This is what i call double wahala for dead body.

    Wetin concern agbero with overload?

    Oga shift mah faint.

    1. Space as big as UYO International Stadium has been created for you.

  3. this iphone are really making a huge money..
    u will spend huge money to buy phone, then use another money huge one to repair it.. total mess

  4. Abeg i need that money to buy PC.

  5. Hehehe @paul hope you more space cus am fainting to your side.

  6. I have fainted everywhere here need more fainting space oo kikiki

    just negodu prices,before you could know it somebori will spend 1M on Iphone and its wahala

    ndi eye-phone get mind ooo lol

  7. With AppleCare+, the prices are reduced to $29 for a screen repair, and $99 for anything else.

  8. One of the decisions any iPhone buyer has to make is whether to take out AppleCare+ coverage, rely on other insurance policies or just pay out yourself for a repair should you break it.

  9. I think people should use their money for better things

    1. I'm totally in support of this your point. Have used one of my Android phones close to 3 years now.

      I have more important things to do than buying phones every year.