Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Join WizyTechs Telegram Group For Latest Free Browsing, Game Updates

Hello guys, our Telegram group is now live and available for you to join and meet other techies alike. The aim of the group is to accommodate more members and have all our previous groups in one place.

Remember, we already have whatsapp groups but it's not enough to accommodate all. So Telegram will surely make it easier for me and you.

All our group rules still remain intact and for those that are not aware of the rules, you can simply check this post.

Telegram is actually a better option than whatsapp though I still can't believe why some people are not using it. It has more and better features than WhatsApp. The more whatsapp tries to add features, the more Telegram does more.

Having said that, I will drop the link for WizyTechs Telegram Group for free browsing cheat, games and Tech Updates so that you can join right away. Remember you must have Telegram app installed on your Phone. You can easily download it from google play for Android devices or via iTunes for iOS devices.

✔ Click Here to join.

As expected, we discuss latest free browsing cheats, latest phones, phone repairs, Tweaking and latest tech trends in the world. We also offer support for you PC, phones and other gadgets issues.

I will assign more admins according to their contributions both on the group and here on this blog. So the most active visitors of this blog has greater chance of being made admins.

Remember, our WhatsApp groups are still active if you still prefer WhatsApp. You can click here to join the WhatsApp group. Welcome.
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  1. Hehe wait for me guys,sirmike is coming to telegram.

  2. No network in my current location now,once i get back to my home will install and join the group.

    Hope your coming @paul @enest @Daniel.

    Ayam coming.

  3. Thanks for update bro wizy,really Appreciate this one.

  4. wow.. this is nice...
    i saw someone posting abt this telegram grp.. i couldn't believe until i have seen it here.
    .the person who posted it, her name is amanda okerie

  5. as fr me i m always active on telegram.. cos it has many features
    1) u can earn a lot of cash
    2) u can get games free(jst ping me 2348146785229) nd i will give u games..

  6. now people dont stay active on telegram because they believe its nt lively.. but it is..
    thanks fr that link

  7. m gonna join the grp. one thing i need frm u
    i want to be the adnin, waiting fr ur reply

  8. @sir mike fr sure i will join the group

  9. Thanks for this wonderful update and kudos to you

  10. Wow this will be really awesome, tho i deleted it sometime ago due to some certain reason,, with this telegram here i come again.

  11. Am downloading it sharply...
    Thanks wizytechs

  12. Ibrahim sure you will get cheats

    Ernest udo Di

  13. Nice set of people in that telegram group but nothing special has been posted there.

  14. Replies
    1. Join us there and you a stance to learn new things from other members in the group

  15. Let's keep on sharing the link so that others can join us.

  16. very good o, now that it has been confirmed that 9mobile and airtel works on this platform for free.

  17. For that are to Join WizyTechs Telegram Group you join and enjoy more update

  18. I have joined thanks so much wizy

  19. Can u pls add my number to whatsapp group ? 08136776553

  20. Wizy pls add me on ur WhatsApp group 09036678483

  21. Add this number 08126058139

  22. Its lovely seeing good comments like this..

  23. Stay cool and keep visiting wizytechs.com for ur daily tech online news