Reason Why Adobe Flash is No Longer Safe For Your PC (Uninstall)

I will advise you to uninstall Adobe Flash on your PC as soon as possible but if you are too in love with it and don't want breakup or heartbreak, pls update it at least. This information is coming to you because there are security threats being discovered by Kaspersky that reveals exploit known as FinSpy or FinFisher targeted at computers with Adobe Flash player.

Apart from the malware threats, do you know that Adobe flash is a memory-and-battery-sucking monster that is riddled with holes and years-old unpatched code which makes it a fertile ground for hackers? Okay now you know.

So Kaspersky Labs has revealed that there has been a recent vulnerability discovered in Adobe’s Flash platform that allows hackers to plant malware. According to Kaspersky, the exploit is known as FinSpy or FinFisher and is actually a commercial product that is sold to countries and law enforcement agencies to conduct surveillance. The attacker, BlackOasis, is using the FinSpy malware through Microsoft Word documents to attack victim machines.

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Now the most worrying part is the report claims that it has identified BlackOasis targets in countries like Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Libya, Jordan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Netherlands, Bahrain, United Kingdom, and Angola. So users in these regions should be extremely careful to avoid stories that touches.

Meanwhile, in their quest to curb this issue, Adobe has released a security update that is expected to fix the problem, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to uninstall Flash given that companies like Mozilla and Google have announced their plans to stop supporting flash in their browser and even Adobe has confirmed that they will be ending support for Flash in 2020.

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So the ball is in your court. Are you updating or uninstalling?


  1. I got this update from one of our female tech blogger and i wasn't surprised at all.

    I'm yet to uninstall nor update mine

  2. Something is missing here and that has to do with those that hardly connect their laptops to net.

    Will they also be affected?

  3. Could you please check the post again and edit something down the last link.

  4. What????
    I am uninstalling it immediately, we have been debating on security since morning, there is something here posing a threat why won't i uninstall it? Their fada mehn...
    Provisions store they says is better than kiosk,
    hehe i mean prevention is better than cure.

  5. I really want appreciate you for revealing this educative technological information.
    Who get ear make hin hear o...
    A stitch in time saves nine.

  6. Na wa thanks wizy for this important information time to uninstall it from my pc

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  8. Adobe Flash is known as being a very popular tool that’s used by hackers to gain control of computers where it is installed on. This is the reason why many users are somehow afraid to keep it installed on their PCs.

  9. Thanks for this wonderful information article

  10. o.m.g m gonna uninstall this frm my pc and phone

  11. no wonder it makes my ohone and pc to this is.wat hackers use...

  12. now m safe nd free frm hacker's hand..thanks fr updating us