Thursday, October 5, 2017

Reason Why TStv Has Not Started Selling Decoder To The Public

After officially launching in Nigeria in October 1st, TStv decoders are yet to be seen at dealers shops nationwide talk more of been sold out to the public. People has bombarded them with numerous questions why the products are not yet on sale. I personally receives quite a good number of mails from people who are eager to buy the decoder but unable to see it in the stores or market.

Well, TStv has finally replied and answered the question of why the decoders are not yet on sale at the moment. Below is their answer:

"TStv Africa wishes to inform the general public that the delay in the commencement of the commercial sale of TStv Africa decoder is as a result of complaints of non-availability of dealer / retailer outlets in some areas and some dealers who are still in the process of accreditation, pleaded to get accredited before product sale commencement so as to have control over their region."

You can watch the YouTube video

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Meanwhile, no date was announced by them as to when the decoders and dish will be live in stores across the country but am guessing it before two weeks, it should be available and customers can buy and install the decoder and dish.
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  1. I'm currently observing as the event plays out cos i know how this sort of thing is usually done.

  2. Well i thank God they clear the air

  3. I was beginning to wonder too o on what kept them delaying it.

  4. Now that they have giving out the reasons so we expect them to do something about it now before things get out of hand hence everyone is looking up to them already.

  5. Delay may be dangerous, they should do the needful before the people starts to loose interest giving up on them

  6. Thanks for the update, you just cleared my curiosity updating us with this information

  7. I don't really think that's the only reason.

    Anyway lets keep watching them

  8. They shouldn't fall our hands,we had always been solidly behind them from start.

    Anyway let me pause here.

  9. Thanks for update bro wizy,really Appreciate this one.

  10. Na wa o. Naija too like slow motion


  11. Tstv never said they are short of staff. Their selfcare lines are opened 24/7. Their Initial intension as announced was to start operations in Lagos, Portharcort, Kano etc. But now it has necessitate to involve more states due to its demand from Nigerians which will also require additional man power, the company does not need to tell us many things but we Nigerians to use our brain that's the essence of our education. Pls let give them enough time to fix the loopholes.

  12. We can't compare DSTV with TSTV Management, every thing has it's initial setbacks. DSTV/GOTV is 20 years or more and they are still adjusting and improving. Please let us give TSTV time.


  13. We Nigerins are always impatient!!
    We want something fast but forget that it not last, let us be patient just for a lil while. all they asked is for us to be patient pending the releasing of their decoders and other finishing touches.. I will keep on waiting for them till when they get the decoders in the market. If you want them to serve you better, be patient with them.

    Some person's will start talking bad against them now.

    1. True tao bro..but i cant wait any longer😩😩😵

  14. The most patient dog eats the fattest born. What will it profit us, if the decoders are out only to discover some minor or little errors, pls we need to be patient. They have a lot of human and financial capitals to put in place before commencement. Remember they are entering into the market with lots of competitive rivals, they need to get their fingers right in other to serves us better.

  15. Even apple doesn't begin sales of their devices until 2-4 weeks after their Launch. Same with Samsung, Google etc. I keep wondering how people expected decoders to be all immediately after the lauch.

    1. Don't compare satellite business with smartphones please.

      We that are into this business knows how things are usually done.

      Wait and see as events plays out.

  16. as long Tstv is delaying the more a lot of rumors is I hope they know wat they are doing

  17. since they have a better reason... m still their fan ,no matter wat...#saynotodstv

  18. TSTV

    A while ago, someone asked a question based on some of the speculations making rounds and i hereby quote him
    "What is the difference between the white decoder and the black one?" and he further asked another one

    "Will two of them be available in the market for Nigerians to buy at the same #5,000 price rate?"
    Please reply, thanks.

    And I'm here to state the truth about all these speculations.

    Please beware of scam.

    TStv Africa has only one type of decoder which is white in colour and of the shape unveiled on 1st October.

    At moment, is neither with any dealer, distributor, retailer nor agent.
    TStv Africa decoder commercial sale shall start from 1st November.

  19. When you SHOUT!!! Get ready >> Set >>>...??? and keep muted, the energetic athletes who are willing to play the new race will begin to ask several questions. Have they postponed the game? Has the NEPA took the lights or the microphone malfunctioned? Is the stadium to poor for the race?... It quite normal to ask questions. Despite technological advances in Europe, people rushed out and spent several ours in line just to acquired the new IPhone 7. You can't be fixing tyres and engine when passengers are comfortably seated for the journey! The more the delay, the more the rumours and speculations. Speed up the process @TSTV
    Wishing you best of luck TSTVAfrica

  20. My Gotv Sub have already xpire since Sept. 28 , i no wan sub again since den, coz i dey wait 4 TSTV to start d selling of there decorder, The funniest part is dat i don already collect 3k from my frd make he cum carry d Gotv decorder and d antenna.