Tecno Mobile Will Launch a New Phantom 7 or 8 on 22nd October

Tecno Mobile has been teasing fans on social media about a new Tecno Phantom phone that will be launched on 22nd October, 2017 in Dubai. It could be their new flagship device coming as a perfect Christmas gift.

The new device is set to be added to the awesome series of Tecno phantom smartphones which started with the Phantom 5 few years ago. The Upcoming phone will be a successor to Tecno Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus that made waves late last year and earlier this year.

At the moment, there is no official confirmation of the device name but it could be called "Tecno Phantom 7" and we should also expect the sister version coming as "Phantom 7 Plus".

About the specs, we might see a 6 inches display, 4GB/6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 21MP Camera, from the pictures, it looks like the phone will feature dual rear camera setup, a fingerprint, Android 7.1 Nougat to mention but a few. Take this assertion with a pinch of salt until official name confirmation.

Here is one of the quotes from Tecno teasing us about the device;
There are breathtaking moments, Moments you wish someone was watching, Cheering you up. Don't let that #Legendarymoment slip. #WhatIsTheNextPhantom

Tecno Phantom 6 vs iPhone 7
✔️ Tecno Phantom 6 vs Gionee M6

So what do you think will be the model name of this upcoming phone? What is the next Phantom?


  1. I can't say much about this phone at this moment but let's wait till the said date.

  2. I will keep my fingers crossed.
    Watching from 3D as it go Launched.

  3. Pls keep us updated as soon as it launched. Thanks and goodnight


  4. Thanks you we are waiting for more information

  5. Tecno you guys should improve your system is a pity that all tecno series has the same functions. Try to upgrade your android versions and also your RAM, ROM and battery life.

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