TopUp Africa Referral Bonus Reduced To N70 Per Registered Link

For some days now, some of us has been enjoying and earning small cash rewards and bonuses from the app called TopUp Africa. The app actually allows you buy recharge cards, pay for bills such as PHCN, internet data, pay TV and other bills as well as transfer money from one bank to the other and earn bonuses as "profits" while you do so. Users also earn 100 Naira referrals bonuses when someone else registers through their link.

However, today the app developers of the app sent out messages telling people that the referral bonuses will no longer be N100 or N70 but reduced to just N50 starting from midnight 30th of October, 2017. Below is an excerpt of the message. Note that earlier today it was reduced from N100 to N70. Now it's coming down to N50.

Dear TopUp Africa agent, kindly note that from midnight of 30th October, 2017, the referral bonus will be reduced from N70 to N50. This is to ensure that the bonus gets to everyone. Thanks for understanding.

Though this is coming at a time when some of us has gotten some cash from the app. I personally, enjoyed as you can see from the first image on this post.

However, I noticed that some of the referral bonuses now goes to main balance meaning you can send it directly to your bank account. In other words you can easily cash out to your bank account or use it to buy airtime or pay other bills from the app.


✔️ Just Download the App Here
✔️ Sign up and start sharing your referral link.
✔️ Once anyone registers from your link you get a bonus.

So how much have you made from TopUp Africa App so far?


  1. I was shocked to see the development via telegram this evening

  2. the population is much

    maybe it will soon be reduce from 50naira to 20naira..

  3. Am surprised after 7 people used my link to download am yet to receive 1kobo. Guys getting 5k+ ets are using a trick they don't want us to know. Wizy show us way naw. I know u didn't get that via referral Sha

  4. The stuff is giving me javalang error

  5. I will check on my account later so as to see how much that I have made so far.