Doogee Plans to Produce a Curved Smartphone Next Year

Popular phone leaker on Twitter by name Evan Blass (A.K.A. @Evleaks) has revealed that Doogee is planning to launch a curved phone (Foldable phone) next year 2018. Recall, few years back, both LG and Samsung tried to release a Foldable phone, in fact, Samsung actually introduced the Galaxy Round, a device that had a screen curved along its vertical axis, sort of like a taco shell. Then LG launched two generations of its LG G Flex – also a curved smartphone. When placed in a pocket, it was flexible enough to go flat and then return to its curve. Below is the tweet from Evan Blass.

Remember the Galaxy Round and LG Flexes? Well next year Doogee will try its hand at a curved screen device, with 18.5:9 aspect ratio, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB storage.

From the information making rounds, the phone will sport an 18.5:9 aspect ratio display with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The two images attached to the tweet show a flexible display, with Doogee’s branding on it. Likely from some kind of prototype display.

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Recall, the company came out of the shadows with a near-bezel-less smartphone – the Doogee Mix. Well, apart from this particular device, we are expecting more crazy phones in 2018.


  1. Let them produce it
    .we are waiting patiently
    But make sure u don't give us 2gb ram
    Let ur 6gb ram be 6gb

  2. And the price should not be high
    At least 30,000
    Are u there with me...hahaha

  3. Samsung and LG are the only two companies that innovated the curved screen.

  4. LG has the better iteration with the G Flex. Now that they have Plastic-OLED, they should make G Flex 3.
    Bring back the curved screen fad Doogee!

  5. Hope there would have good batteries.

  6. Doogee want to satisfy the non-elites' needs.

  7. There wanna copy Samsung Youm display but it going to take them a long time.