Glo Introduces 180GB for N20,000 Data Plan for Heavy Internet Users

Globacom, the self acclaimed "grandmasters of data" has added new data plan for heavy internet users. This glo 180GB for N20,000 data plan works on PC and mobile devices and it will be useful for cyber cafe operators, business centers, schools, hospitals, offices, companies, etc.

So far so go, Glo has tried in terms of data offers but they are still turning deaf ears in terms of network improvement as many subscribers are still complaining of poor network in most areas. If Glo should fix this network issues, I think no other network provider in the country will be pose a threat to them.

Recall, the introduced series of new data plans which gives customers up to 2GB or data for just N500. The plan is called, Glo Unfair Advantage. You can read more about it for more information but below is the list of the data plans and price available.

✔️ 2GB for N500
✔️ 4GB for N1000
✔️ 9.5GB for N2000
✔️ 24GB for N4000
✔️ 30GB for N5000
✔️ 55GB for N8000
✔️ 75GB for N10000

Earlier today, Glo announced the new big plan for heavy internet users who downloads more videos, software, apps, or share wifi networks via their Twitter handle.
To subscribe for the Glo 180GB for N20,000, just dial *777# and follow the prompt.

How do you see this plan?


  1. NO THANKS..using a snail speed network,how will you use even half of what you paid for? meanwhile your friends on other networks will be browsing at the speed of light.............krobo.

    1. Bro it depends on ur location.. Glo is the best here...
      I use Nigeria made bro

  2. divide the size of the data by 2.thats the actual value of data u paid for

  3. Well some one just complained of slow network here.
    So sorry my guy..
    Its not like that every were o.
    The network is the fastest in my area.
    Glo is really trying sha..
    But they should try and cover the gap of complains about the slow network in some location by doing the needful.
    Thanks wizy

  4. The plan is extremely cheap.
    Compared to what we know back then.
    Gosh some network providers really peeled of our skin o.
    Imaging offering 100mb for
    Now something one can get for
    although things are expensive, but i still believe, that data sub can be counted as something cheap despite the fact that other things are expensive.

  5. I see the new data plan
    As a nice one.
    Glo is really trying.
    At least wen m browsing. M getting


  6. Wen I recharge 100naira
    I get 500naira and 50mb fr calls
    Is gloo not wonderful?
    Can any network do like this..

  7. Glo network is improving, the browsing speed now reaches 2mb but it depends on your location too.

  8. Glo the Best & Cheapest in data.

  9. You won't use half of the data before expiry.

  10. Thanks for this wonderful update i really appreciate.

  11. I hope it wont shock you when i say i have gotten more than 15mbps on glo when downloading with uc browser.
    Well maybe uc browser is deceiving someone with those browsing figure i do see at times.
    It surprised me the day i got 30+mbps.
    I was like is this for real?
    And it was 3g for that matter

    1. Bro that's fake speed haha..glo is only capped at 3mb/s

  12. somtochukwu ernest are you telling me that you can finish 180GB in a month?