Google Assistant Music Recognition Feature Now Available to All Android Devices

Before now, Google's music recognition feature was exclusively available to the Pixel 2 devices but now Google is not limiting it to their own phones alone but now it's being rolled out to other Android devices.

The music recognition feature works similar to Shazam app although the later is faster and better. It allows you identify music playing on your phone.


For instance, if you are playing a song on your Android device, long press on the home button to launch your Google assistant, then, say this — “What is playing right now”

Once your voice is recognized by google, you should have something that looks like this screenshot:

And in a couple of seconds, get the song that is playing.

Though personally, there were times I got the “I can’t identify songs yet” response, but if you try again you might be lucky.

Now the question is this; can you uninstall Shazam simply because Google now offers similar service of music recognition?


  1. Google Search has been able to do this for a while, but the Google Assistant's been lacking this functionality since its release. It doesn't make sense seeing as how the two services do a lot of the same things.

  2. They do a lot of the same things, and they appear similar from the end user's perspective, but they go about their tasks in very different ways. As usual, Google didn't do a very good job at communicating the distinction to users.

  3. I have been using Google search, assist for some time.
    Song playing.. Hit search... Switches/Shows.. Music icon. Listens.. Gives accurate information and links to purchase song from play store or stream etc.

  4. Have been hearing about this for sometime but haven't used it before.
    But as for musixmatch and shazam, i will say it has been so much of helpful.
    Okay back to your question if i will uninstall it for the new one?

    Well i will do it if the service offered is more advanced and reliable.

  5. Yeah i will, like i said earlier since its a service offered by Google so installing is not won't be a problem, keeping shazam also its not bad one might fail sometimes, in cases like this alternative is best.
    Its not good to put all eggs in one basket. Hehe alright kudos wizy

  6. Google are really trying
    have rated them 5stars already haahaha

  7. many more improvement will come soon..thanks fr updating us

  8. my last question is before our voice will get recognized.. we will have to speak like white ma...

    m gonna hit u.....hahahaha