Google File Go App Helps You Free Up Space on Android Device

Low memory issues is one of the top reported Android phone problems and google is aware of that hence, they silently published an app dubbed File Go on Playstore though the app is not yet released as of the time of this report.

The Google File Go app is a smart file manger that lets you manage your files or filter them by source and also lets you free up space on your phone by cleaning unused apps, clear up cache and delete unwanted media, downloads and duplicate files.

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The app will be of immense benefit for those who uses a smart media card that displays the available memory space that can be freed. Don't get it twisted, the app works on all Android devices but more better on those with smart media cards. It offers you option to transfer files to other devices using Wi-Fi hotspot.


✔️ Ability to free space on your Android Phone in several ways
✔️ It detects and suggest removing apps you no longer use to keep your phone operating fast
✔️ It recognizes and help you remove the spam & duplicate images.
✔️ It helps you locate your important documents without much stress
✔️ It lets you share your files offline quickly with the tap of a button

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For now, Google file go is not available globally in Google Play but you can download it from third party app stores like Apkmirror. But if you are security conscious, you can wait till google releases the app for all countries on Playstore.


  1. m gonna wait until its finally in play store.. Google are really trying.. no be small

  2. m still waiting patiently patiently fr it to be realased.
    thanks boss

  3. since I rotted my phone.. its has been very fast..
    rooting helps

  4. Wonderful and impressive development from Google all the time.
    Google is really doing the world proud to be exact.
    Keeping it real interms of providing job opportunity, and making life more easier every day from through the use of technology.

  5. Downloading from the third party site 'Apkmirror' is not problem, the site is safe, i have downloaded from it before, no virus or other related issues.
    I actually downloaded the YouTube Go app from here before it became available on Google playstore, so business as usual.
    Am helding straight there o.

  6. Tho not urging everyone to take a clue from me, but if you feel like getting it from there at your own will, well the choice is yours.

  7. Judging from the app name, I'm thinking this is part of their Android GO initiative, with YouTube Go as a start. This should trickle down to devices with less than 1 GB of RAM and launching with Android O or any other latest version when ready.

  8. Nice app. The choice is yours if you like to Download it from third party site Apkmirror but after Downloading from third party and your phone start having problem do not call/say WIZY cox the problem.

  9. Thank you for this information update.