Hottest Tech News Today November 23rd, 2017

So far, we have seen some interesting news in the tech world. So I have captured a list of hottest news trending right now for your comprehension. Checkout!


👉Russia Issues Warning to Google for Downranking State-Run News Sites

👉Samsung Is Said To Launch a Star Wars Themed Galaxy Note 8

👉Tencent Will Bring PUBG To China With Some Tweaks

👉OnePlus Seems To Have No Plans For OnePlus 6T Next Year

👉The Spotify for Artists App is Now Available on the Play Store

👉Honor V10 Leaked in New Image; Confirms Bezel-Less Design

👉Elon Musk's Predictions about AI are Sounding More Logical Day by Day

👉There's Now a Sapphire and Diamond Encrusted Doorbell that Costs $100,000

👉The FCC Wants it to be Legal for Comcast and Others to Block BitTorrent

👉Galaxy S9 and S9+ will Reportedly Show up at CES 2018 with Iterative Upgrades

👉PayPal Users Can Now Share Bills Through Facebook Messenger

👉Hike Partners with Airtel Payments Bank to Power its Wallet

👉Skype Removed from iOS and Android App Stores in China

👉USA Might Soon Give Up Net Neutrality

👉Samsung Teases New AI-based UX Called "Galaxy AiUX"

👉Google's Fuchsia OS Will Allow Devs to Port iOS Apps Effortlessly

👉ProtonMail Launches 'Contacts'-The World's First Encrypted Contact Manager

👉Ex-Iranian Soldier Charged for Involvement in Game of Thrones Hack

👉Uber CEO Reveals Massive Breach; Company Paid Hackers to Delete User Data

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful update and kudos to you

  2. Today's tech news really make sense..
    Thanks fr updating us..

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  3. 👉PayPal Users Can Now Share Bills Through Facebook Messenger
    Wow m so happy ..Facebook is going deep in bringing more features. Kudos to them

  4. 👉Skype Removed from iOS and Android App Stores in China
    Me m thinking if chins is always having problem..
    The other day uc browser was removed, now these .

  5. Share Bills Through Facebook Messenger.
    Caught my eyes, quite an interesting move from Facebook once again.

  6. Facebook Messenger is really Interesting