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A lot happened over the weekend in the technology world following series of events, news headlines, tweets, updates and actions from tech giants globally. I have gathered the top trending news headlines here for your comprehension.


👉🏿Firefox will soon flag sites that have been hacked

👉🏿Quantum encryption is now fast enough for voice calls

👉🏿Microsoft Selling Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Online

👉🏿Facebook Spaces gets multiplayer fishing with Bait! Arctic Open

👉🏿Mobile payment and loyalty platform Yoyo Wallet integrates with Starling Bank

👉🏿NASA’s New Titanium Airless Tires Are Nearly Indestructible

👉🏿Australia may offer facial recognition data to telecoms and banks

👉🏿Twitter says it’s being blocked by Pakistan’s government

👉🏿 launched an augmented reality app that brings comic book pages to life

👉🏿DARPA Wants to Use Genetic Modification to Turn Plants into Spy Tech

👉🏿FCC gives carriers more tools to fight illegal robocalls

👉🏿Microsoft begins selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

👉🏿OK Go's new music video features a wall of printers

👉🏿Tamagotchi is heading to your smartphone in 2018

👉🏿Singapore to use driverless buses 'from 2022'

👉🏿Sony a7R III Named a Top 10 Gadget of 2017 by TIME

👉🏿Twitter is now testing Bookmarks, its save for later feature

👉🏿Tesla completes the world’s largest battery for Australian wind farm

👉🏿Apple offices raided in South Korea ahead of iPhone X launch in Samsung’s home market

👉🏿At $5, Steam Link is now the cheapest way to play PC games on TV

👉🏿Facebook will identify what Russia-linked content you liked

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