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These tech news headlines are already trending and as you can see, a lot is happening in the technology world. More inventions are on the way, more sophisticated gadgets and so on. Just take a look at these top headlines today.


👉Bitcoin Soars Past a Record High $9,600 Exchange Value

👉You Withdraw Cash at ATM Using Facial Recognition Soon

👉World's Largest Digital Camera is Now Under Development, To Debut in 2020

👉Tesla To Be Its Own First Electric Semi Truck Customer

👉Razer CEO Explains Why They Removed 3.5mm Jack From The Razer Phone

👉World's First AI Politician Wants to Improve Education and Housing

👉Digital Companies a Threat to Economy: Ex-UN Diplomat

👉Soon China will have its Own VR Theme Park

👉Twitter Accidentally Blocked NYT’s Twitter Account for 24 Hours

👉Honda Claims its Electric Car Batteries will Full Charge in Just 15 Minutes

👉Elon Musk Flipped Seeing a Boston Dynamics' Robot Perform a Back-flip

👉Microsoft Launcher For Android Gets New Features and UI adjustments

👉UC Browser is Back on the Play Store

👉Huawei Founder Thanks Apple for Opening up Areas in the Tech World

👉First Artificial Meteor Shower to Occur in Hiroshima's Sky in 2019

👉🏿Indian Government ‘Very Happy’ to Help Apple Expand Local iPhone Assembly Base

👉🏿YouTube fixes bug that caused iPhone batteries to drain really fast

👉🏿Founders of Flipkart Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal booked for ‘cheating’ businessman

👉🏿YouTube investigates 'disturbing' autofill results

👉🏿Snapchat now recognizes food, pets, and more when suggesting filters

👉🏿Google updates Docs, Slides, and Sheets for iPhone X and iOS 11

👉🏿Newly Discovered Facebook Bug Allowed Anyone To Delete Your Photos With A Poll

👉🏿Facebook introduces new suicide prevention features

👉Honda Claims Its 2022 Electric Vehicles Can Charge in 15 Minutes

👉Microsoft Office arrives on Chromebooks, provided you pay for Office 365

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  1. Truly a lot is happening in this world. Am just imagining how the world will be in the next 20 years

  2. The world is advancing so fast, news inventions daily imagine the world next millenium ...Thanks for the update

  3. Really want one of em VR games😣

  4. Nice compilations, will be checking some out soon

  5. Man techno is going very far and I like that...
    Thanks fr posting today's tech news