New Twist on TStv and BeIN Sports Channels Broadcast Rights

Last month's claim by some people that TStv is pirating Bein sports channels seems to have some truth on it now. Though the company debunked the rumor then but last night's experience provided a new twist.

But before I go into details, let me use this opportunity to draw your attention to the availability of the decoders and how to test it even if you don't have the TStv decoder at the moment. TStv dished out and still giving out free decoders (mainly to dealers) to test run but you don't need to receive the free decoder before you test the free to air channels from TStv.

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In a positive note, most of the feedbacks from people who tested it are satisfactory, however, if you also want to test the transmission in your location, you don’t need the decoder, but if your TV has an inbuilt decoder or you have Strong, Qsat, Dsat, HD decoders or any other decoders that has free to air channels, scan and track ABS 3A and you will receive TSTV on Freq: 11052, (V), S/R: 30,000 free to air.


Last night, about 29 minutes to the commencement of the Arsenal vs ZVE Europa League match, a message appeared on our screen stating the followings;


Then the TV screen went blank immediately after the error message and another message appeared and stayed for some minutes before TStv wiped it. It reads as follows;

To view this content, please contact us on: Algeria: 098240…

After that, TStv immediately updated their Twitter page to announce that their system was hacked that it will be fixed.

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Now the question is this, was their system really hacked or was that a way to clean the mess. I mean this will put a doubt on some fans mind about their genuine rights to broadcast bein sports channels on TStv.

What do you think?


  1. It's like tstv will disappoint us o. The pressure is much on them

  2. TStv said their system was hacked

  3. When i saw the display, the comments on facebook and their reply on twitter, i was having this feeling that am going to ask you the same question if it was actually hacked as claimed.

    I don't know what to say concerning that now, but what i know is that the news has gone viral and they are now be portrayed as scammers,

    if truely that they don't have the right its advisable they acquire it before thing goes out of hand.

    If they are really broadcasting it illegally the BeIN Officials will still come after them...
    There so many questions they really need to answer after doing my own research.

  4. Permit me to add one comment at times opera mini could be very stupid interms on when trying to comment on any blogger related site after typing and trying to post you found out that other thing is going on like it won't post.
    Now back to Tstv Ain't they putting their eggs in one basket by focusing only on Bein sport?

    If this happens to be true is not going to be a big blow to everyone particularly me wey do turn advertiser for my are.

    My advise is that they should clear the air by having so talk and discussion with the Bein management, or maybe it can also be sorted out via Bein twitter handle and other social media platforms.

  5. Patience with them because u know the competition will hit up with GoTV,Startimes dstv n co so things like this will definitely spring up but let's wait and see

  6. Dstv and other competitors are work. They are now village people 😂

  7. Other useless and greedy competitor has been fighting against them from the start, the situation is predictable, they can do anything to retain their greed but TSTV will win!

  8. Lady Grace TStv system was hacked and they are working on it, we should be patient for them to put things in order.

  9. Wizy i watched it live and direct, the picture is 96% clear but the sounds is not too good.

  10. TSTV is trying but they need to improve on their weak signal and add more channels.

  11. Thanks for this wonderful update and kudos to CEO of TSTV.

  12. I added the tstv frequency Freq: 11052, (V), S/R: 30,000 to strong decoder but know how to track Abs 3A, please help me out