Over 1million People Downloaded Fake WhatsApp With Virus

In recent times, we have seen apps cloned to appear and function like the original WhatsApp leading to multiple downloads from unsuspecting individuals globally. In fact, over 1million people has downloaded the fake whatsapp which pops ads and injects viruses on phones where it's installed. So if your phone has been misbehaving recently, you should check well if you have installed the fake version of the app.

The app pretends to be an update of WhatsApp and to make it more confusing, it was available on Google play store before it was removed by Google.

The name of the app is "Update WhatsApp Messenger". It disguised itself as if it was developed by the real company that owns the program, "WhatsApp Inc.".

This malicious app was discovered and exposed by some users on popular site Reddit, who after checking the source code, noticed that the fake version used a special, invisible character at the end of the developer's name, so to appear identical to the legitimate one to the average user's eye.

Also, according to Reddit users, the app displayed ads, and can install apps on victims phone without their consent.

Well, the good news is that those who frequently received updates from the official WhatsApp app are not likely to be affected.
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  1. Jesus people are very wicked..I should say ma truth I saw the whatsapp but thank God it didn't install..
    For those people who installed it..sorry ..

  2. Google suppose to check apps before its been uploaded in play store..I think they have finally learnt their mistake..
    Wizy thanks fr updating us

  3. Wizy u said something abt that the app will install app by itself,wat abt if u don't have enough memory. Will it force itself to enter or will it delete one of ur apps to install??

    M saying this cos virus is dangerous

  4. I hope WhatsApp from GB isn't one of such virus-inducing apps ?

  5. Huh??

    This is a shocking..

    My advise now is that everyone should try and make a good thorough research on a particular app before proceeding to downloading it and installing it..

    If you are currently experiencing some funny thing concerning your phone as regards to the subject matter please kindly do the needful because a stitch in time they says saves nine.

  6. You just save thousands of devices out they, that would been falling a victim next.
    Kudos to you sir