Some New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Devices are Having Freezing Issues

Why is it that after all the hypes of these flagship devices from notable phone brands, they still come out with bugs? Right now, some users of new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone are complaining of freezing issues.

Remember last week, Google's new Pixel 2 smartphone had issues as well, now it has come to Samsung's latest flagship - Galaxy Note8.

A large number of users at Samsung's official forums are complaining that their units are freezing in different use-cases.

The most common use-case affected users are reporting is that the freeze occurs while accessing the contacts app - both directly or indirectly (like, while making a call or accessing the Phone or Messenger apps).

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Let me remind you that it costs $1000 to own the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. Once the device freezes, it becomes unresponsive to the level that you have to do a force restart, or let the phone's battery drain completely (which is again, effectively, a restart).

The problem is affecting many regions, not just a specific country or region as users from the US as well as Europe are facing it. Samsung is yet to offer an official statement on the matter.


As we wait for Samsung to respond to this issue, it will be nice to try out this tricks to fix the freezing or hanging issues on your Galaxy note 8 device.

1. Make sure that you are running the latest OS version and, if you don’t, install the update as soon as you can.

2. Research the problematic apps to see if you notice a pattern of similar complaints among other users – you can do it in the Google Play Store, where you will also see when someone wrote a complaint. If it’s been a while, negative reviews keep coming, but the developer hasn’t interfered with a fix, you should get rid of that app. Learn how to delete apps from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and remove that app as fast as you can!

3. Make yourself this habit of restarting the device at every few days. When the smartphone randomly crashes, also consider the option of clearing the cache.

4. Launch the Apps section, identify the application that makes the Note 8 to keep crashing, and select the options labeled as Clear Data, respectively Clear Cache.

5. To tackle a potential lack of internal memory, take some time and do a serious cleanup. Give up on anything you no longer need, from media files to infrequently used apps.

6. Consider the ultimate solution that will erase all your data and all your freezing and crashing causes. Backup your device first and then, learn how to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and do it.


  1. That is the magana with Samsung device.....

  2. This is a very bad news for them.

    They should try as much as possible to always run the necessary test on their their Device as possible for couple of days to ascertain where flaws arose.

    For this will save them from such mess in future.

  3. A big thank you for the added tips, it will sure go away long in dealing with such abnormalities.

  4. Note 7 burning and Note 8 freezing. Samsung swinging wide....

  5. Samsung has seriously narrowed down on their bloat ware, with some even being uninstallable. Sadly, one of them is Samsung Pay, which I'd argue is one of the best apps/services any company has ever given on their smartphones.

  6. Thanks for this wonderful update

    Still waiting for Samsung to release that magic software update to address their mobile instability. Surely it will come any day.

  7. This problems listed above is not new news from Samsung and other phone companies.

    Having bugs and freezing problems is mostly or likely solved with device updates.

    Literally they should chill the problem with be resolved with Samsung Galaxy S8 New update.