Monday, November 13, 2017

Top Tech News Headlines Today Around The Glob

Here are the top trending topics making waves in the technology world today. As I promised, I will be frequently updating you with the latest happenings to keep you informed. Checkout!


👉Ohio State Poked Fun at Apple's Autocorrect Bug

👉Volkswagen's Iconic Beetle Might Soon Go Electric

👉Sweat Might be the Next Big Biometric Security Measure on Smartphones

👉Sweat Might be the Next Big Biometric Security Measure on Smartphones

👉Nexus and Pixel Devices to Receive KRACK Patch in December

👉Pixel 2 XL Users Report Another Issue; Will Google Ever Catch a Break?

👉Alibaba's Singles Day Sales Cross $25 Billion Mark

👉WhatsApp Might Soon Add Support for iPads

👉iPhone X Demand to Grow in 2018, iPhone 8 Plus Sales Better than Expected: KGI

👉Kerala Police Launches Initiative to Protect Children from Cyber Threats

👉Turns out Aluminium Foil can Actually Make a WiFi Network More Secure

👉The Korean Smart City is Designed to Get Rid of Traffic

👉Scientists are Still Suspicious of Artificial Intelligence: Intel's AI Chief

👉Chinese Robot Qualifies as Doctor After Cracking National Level Test

👉Facebook to Launch Training Program for Businesses After Russia Scandal

👉FBI Apprehends Man Who Launched DDoS Attacks on Former Employees

👉Security Firm Successfully Fools Face ID with a Mask

👉UN to Host First Talks on Employment of Autonomous Weapons

👉India Develops Futuristic Electromagnetic Gun Capable of Firing at Mach 6

👉This "Mentally Unstable" AI Has Hallucinations as Well as Genius Moments

👉Humans Must Go to Space to Save the Earth: Jeff Bezos

👉Smartphones Helped the Indian Govt. Identify 12,000 Malnourished Kids

👉Bill Gates to Attend Agro-Tech Summit in India, Organizes Hackathon for Innovative Farming

👉Anti-Government Facebook Post About Dengue Outbreak Gets Doctor Suspended

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  1. Wow this is nice bro, Google can’t catch a break.

  2. Wizy which one be KRACK Patch? Explaing more thanks.

  3. What an interesting compilation we have here!
    Today i will be throwing some touch light at what captured my attention which is been stated below

    (1)the Indian Govt. Identify 12,000 Malnourished Kids..... This is sure a good news, the rate of poverty in India is high and, some parents cannot take care of their children,
    so the government taking legal action to really help out is a welcome development, a healthy kids turns out to be a healthy leaders in future.

  4. Now on a final note
    (2) Initiative to Protect Children from Cyber Threats....
    Well i will say that its a welcome initiative, Children are the ones mostly vulnerable to cyber threat and attack, taking this step in the right direction will really save the children and it is going to create a big deal of hope to those who have experience any form of threat and attack in the past.

  5. Thank You..Uche

  6. thanks fr updating's tech posted is cool ...

  7. wat I want to hear abt is
    Humans Must Go to Space to Save the Earth: Jeff Bezos

    👉Smartphones Helped the Indian Govt. Identify 12,000 Malnourished Kids

    they will be very interesting