TStv Decoder Release: Another Press Statement Today November 1st, 2017

As promised, I will keep tabs of the latest developments and happenings today as TStv promised to commence official sale and distribution of decoders today 1st November, 2017. Below is the latest statement on their official Facebook page which is also accessible via their website.

Good Morning Nigerians. Its November 1, 2017, the appointed date for TSTV launch nationwide.

Thousands of free units of TSTV PR Decoders have been deployed nationwide through our accredited dealers. We implore those who have received TSTV PR units to test our services and kindly drop their assessment on our facebook inbox and official email address. To ensure we reach more Nigerians throughout this test period, TSTV Management have launched TSTV transmission nationwide and all our channels are Free to Air for one month.

We are very conscious of the need to offer Nigerians value. That is why we have opened all our channels for free. We are doing all of this because Nigerians need to see what they are buying first. Every new product need to be tested before purchase. TSTV is currently transmitting and its available for free for now on ABS 3 satellite. All our channels are up and free to air for this period of test broadcast. Kindly track ABS 3 and you will receive TSTV on Freq: 11052, (V), S/R: 30,000 free to air. Please don't forget to drop your comments and findings on our facebook inbox or by email: info@tstvafrica.com

ABS 3 is easy to track. Kindly get any good installer to track ABS 3.

Enjoy TSTV for free throughout the month of November.

God bless Nigeria.


  1. Wow.... So happy 😊
    Thanks to you oga wizy
    God bless you!

  2. Well....I am patiently waiting to see their content and maybe buy one myself

  3. Congratulations. Any Human with negative Assignment or Mission towards this Company will be totally destroyed by FIRE In Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

  4. If you need the PR decoders to view all their channels for free for one month you can access it through ur LG TV with inbuilt decoder..

  5. Tstv is real and is here to stay! Connecting your world!!!!

    To those people who still ask about pay as yo watc!
    Please let us understand how the pay as you watch is, is it like cell phone, if l did not make call my credit will be in tight or which way? Kindly explain.

  6. Nigeria always on the attacking frequency but mind u before dstv got to that height they started like a toddler and now they are reaping people off. Make a positive critics not cheap one with poor feelings. Go on TSTV, make Nigeria proud.

  7. Wow this statement is quite impressive,
    i hope just hope for the best from them

  8. Good,but I went to their dealers this morning in Ekiti state saying they are yet to supply them the decoders,so how can we test it?

  9. Well thats good tip of information released to the public by tstv as needed by the public/Consumers

  10. The first star is for being owned by a nigerian, the second star is for understanding what majority of nigerians need (football! ).the third star is for the Internet services (if there is one thing nigerian youth can never ve enough of is data). The forth star is for dislodging the parasite that seek to milk nigeria dry in the name of pay TV. The fifth star is making the decoder and subscription reasonably affordable for all nigerians. So yes TSTV earn the whole five star. Keep up the good work.

    1. Please Daniel, I thought I made mention of your style of commenting when giving out free airtime last month.

      Please I don't value comments copied from other sites and pasted here. It's unprofessional and not good for the blog. If you want to comment, kindly use ur words and try to make make your comments appear in one block. Not separately in a single post.

      This is a measure to maintain this blog's authenticity.

      Thanks for understanding bro. I expect a positive change.

  11. Okay WIZY i understand you but i have not copied from other sites and pasted here for now shao! Lol.

    Any way thanks, i love your correction.