You Can Now Buy Dangote Cement Online Via Jumia. See Price

Wow! You can now buy Dangote cement online on Jumia. It's interesting to see how digitalization has transformed almost everything in the world. Who thought that in 2017, one can buy cements online? Now it's a reality. It's not just electronic gadgets, clothes, cars, shoes that you can buy online but Cements, houses and even lands.
Dangote Cement jumia
Dangote Cement PLC has announced the partnership with Jumia Nigeria for online sales of cement.
According to the deal, Nigerians and corporate bodies wishing to purchase a minimum of 300 bags of 50kg of Dangote Cement and above can now order on Jumia from the comfort of their rooms at a reasonable price of N2,500 per bag. Although currently, I buy Cements in the open market (offline) at that same price in my location. But if you are thinking of transport fee, Jumia promised to supply it free of charge through their free delivery service.
Jumia sales cement
“For now, the pilot scheme is live in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, but we can extend to other cities depending on the level of demand and performance of the new deal”.

“We are starting with Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 300, 600 and 900. We may increase depending on demand surge as time goes on,” He said.

Jumia is one of the top online shops in Africa and Nigeria in particular with track record of good customer relationships for some years now.
Only time will tell if the likes of Konga and SlotNg will join the bandwagon.


  1. Wow jumia always keeping it real.
    Kudos to dangote for introducing e-commerce platform into, his business, i think it will go along way, reducing extra cost of delivery of goods.

    Talking about konga, nothing to right about them.
    I think they came into existence in Nigeria before jumia but still playing around offering dissatisfied service,
    but take a look at jumia flourishing on every side.

    1. Harsh words....the e commerce(cement) will still be restricted by many factors... .just watch ,few months from now the free delivery and selling of cement on jumia will stop

  2. It pays to be serious in everything a man does cos there lies his success.
    Thanks wizytechs

  3. More money for aliyu dangote and jumia

  4. Cement 2500 per bag.. This is serious